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How much were your Trey tix?


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I was just checking into how much its going to cost to see Trey at Darien Lake two and a half weeks from now and was pretty surprised at the cost --> upwards of $70 Canadian!! [Eek!][Mad]

Through TM, The total charge comes to $44.30 USD.. And converted to Canadian dollars, that comes to $67.81.

Bloody expensive eh! Was anyone else kind of surprised? How much was it when going through Trey's online ticketing? (which, unfortunately, is now over).


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Oh yeah, I forgot

"Trey is gay. Same sets every day".......(That was a summer tour sticker going around last year)

fucking idiots. I guess it just proves once again people dont like change.

I am soooooooooooooooooo into the TAB it aint even funny!

He has taken this band to another realm.

Anyone hear his finger pickin on Pebbles and Marbles yet?

Farkin Eh!

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ba ha ha,

i just read this and wrote

"trey is gay"

to mike on the im and he hits back before i can finish...

"Fuck you slut !"

i'm like "you loser, that's what andre just wrote back to you!"

ha ha, "fuck you slut". tee hee - dont call trey gay to mike, he'll call you a slut.

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