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does anyone want these CDs?...


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I have doubles,doubles of of them them. There is writing on them but they are on HPs and kick ass:

Blues Trav~9-4 & 5-98 @ the Gorge and Portland Meadows(fits on 3CDs,both shows)FOB.

Ancient Harmony~8-31-01,TN 2CDs-a nice crowd source.

i can have em out tomorrow...


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hey puddles! if you're offering, i'd love a copy of the harmony show and wouldn't say no the the BT show.

if you're sending them send them to

rob newbold

rr#1 oxford mills ontario

k0g 1s0


519.670.2575...if you need to get in touch

i don't mind discs withwriting on them but prefer to have it on the centre...i heard pen leaks through but i don't hinkit matters...does it?? f you use a sharpie it dries right??

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