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alright people, i need a list of cds to hunt for in the local bargain/used cd stores. Im currently wanting to check out some more jazz/funk type music (although the jazz selection at these places is pretty sparse). Im really into checking out any type of tunes so gimme some suggestions!! Picked up Karl Denson's new disc, Panic's "Don't tell the band" double album, and Harper's "burn to shine" for 25 bucks. im looking for things a little more interesting than those.....lets have it!!

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If you don't already have these jazz cds, try to pick-up,

from Miles Davis:

Kind Of Blue

In A Silent Way

Bitches Brew

A Tribute To Jack Johnson

Live Evil

From John Coltrane:

Giant Steps

My Favourite Things

A Love Supreme

Blue Train

For funk, this should get you started ( if you can find these cds - they're hard to find even new ), try picking up:

Funkadelics first 3 albums:


Maggot Brain

Free Your Mind And Your Ass Will Follow

I can't see anyone getting rid of any of these cds to a used dealer, but you never know. Oh yeah, buy 'Stand' from Sly & The Family Stone; and you never can go wrong with James Brown's Live At The Apollo and the Funk Power 1970: A Brand New Thang compilation. I could go on, but this should be enough for now. I think that you probably have some of these cds already. Anyway, good luck.

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In the funk and jazz category I always seem to find the same 7 titles used. Me thinks the "record club" craze of the early 90's made sure that everyones collection included Miles Davis "Sketches of Spain", and John Coltranes "Love Supreme". I am partial to the groove jazz/ jazz fusion period of the 1960's and 1970's so I can give you some hints, but they may be hard to find used. If you have yourself a good store here are some gems:

Grant Green- Live at the Lighthouse

Beastie Boys- In Sound from Way Out

Anything pre 1979 by the Meters (I forget the label)

Lou Donaldson- My Ding A Ling

Jimmy McGriff- Electric Funk

Brother Jack McDuff- DownHome Style

Herbie Hancock- the pre-eminent Headhunters

and a good newer old school since departed great Canadian band, featuring Darren Shearer on drums from the New Deal:

Gypsy Soul- Prescribed Vibe (still one of my favorite "people over" discs)

and of course if you are into this type of stuff be on the lookout on Direct Connect for the Best Funk Compilation Ever:

Strokin the Grits Vol I (2 cd's)

Strokin the Grits Vol II (2 cd's)

These were put together by Eric Warren (tungstengruvsten) who is pretty much solely responsible for my excessive funk intake.

We want the funk, we gotta have the funk.


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Thanks for the props Sean..

Here's some other goodies I always seem to see in the used bins:

Donald Byrd - Electric Byrd...this is the album that got DB ousted from the jazz community-not straight up enough apparently, as he blasts his trumpet through tape delays to create unheard of lines..amazing.

Also, if you don't have them -Miles Davis' Agharta and Pangaea- both live shows from the same day (early/late shows) in Tokyo, 75-amazing and usually $20 for 2 CD's each!!

Lou Donaldson- Fried Buzzard - Live CD from an amazing trumpeter

Jimmy McGriff - Greatest Hits

Has some rare tracks not on his albums-i picked it up for $8 and it is awesome!

Money Mark - Change is Coming- Former Beastie Boys Keyboard tech rips up the funk on this one...he can play tons of different keyboards and has lots to use...

Stephen Malkmus -s/t debut album - I don't know how the hell you could trade this one in, it's fuggin awesome!

Also, watch out for stuff on the label '32 Jazz' out of New York, the label folded and stores everywhere are buying stock of their complete catalog-tons of jazz, acid jazz (if it still exists), some funky stuff too...i got a 2 CD set called Groove Jammy that's all selected groovy tunes from the vaults-stuff from Catalyst, Eddie Jefferson and Grant Green...


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If you want jazz/funk, look this way:

Greyboy Allstars- A TOWN CALLED EARTH


John Scofield- GROOVIN'


Herbie Hancock and the Headhunters

Miles Davis- ON THE CORNER

Uncle Sammy- LIVE AT THE BARN 7.1.01

Who That Fat Guy?- 14LB BALL, PLEASE.

Hope these help.

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Not that I have all that much funk but what I have I love,

The Beasties album is fuggin great - In Sounds From The Way Out

Maceo Parker - Its live and I dont know the name, outlined pinkish cover and says 2%Jazz, 98%funk on it.......

Best Of Kool and The Gang - 69-76 (something like that)

I have alot of mix cd's people have made me and a few others mentioned above. Cant go wrong at all with Bitches Brew or Tribute To Jack Johnson by Miles Davis and that Funkadelic stuff?

holy shit, I dont know if you are ready for it.

evil stuff

Maggot Brain is absolutely brain dripping out your ears shit!

I plan on checking out some of those Tungsten recommendations and I hope some of you do too. His Strokin The Grits stuff is fun as hell!

I almost forgot, Fall Tour 97

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