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Nice day out there... the patio is calling me...

so in light of that...

What's your favourite summertime drink?

(maybe put a recipe for it too if it's a mixed drink and we can try it too)

note: you must me 19 years of age or older to participate in this question.

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I know that this sounds really grost!! But my favorite drink is beer (preferably Keith's) and Clamatoe juice. It's not a maritime thing....it's just a Nat thing. If you don't like Clamatoe juice...You wont like it. Trust me.

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Favorite summer time drink: Beers

Ingredients: beer stuff, yummy things

Other possible favs: The Caeser (celery stick and celery salt mandatory);

Long Island Ice Tea (its been years since I've had one, but boy did I get good and liquored on a jug of the stuff)

No need for anything fancier than that, kids...

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I'm sure some of you have tried this, but if you haven't - I definately recommend it.

Strip n' Go Naked

(also known as Porch Climbers)

1 40oz. Vodka

24 Beers (Keith's is good)

2 frozen concentrated lemonade

1 frozen concentrated fruit punch

a bagga ice

In a large cooler (with the little spout on the bottom) pour in all the vodka and empty all the beers. Add the frozen concentrated juices (do NOT add water) and ice. Stir. Garnish with any kinda fruit wedges etc...

yummy, potent stuff.

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i didnt' know actually, that's why i asked for recipes! ha ha

for me, the closer it resembles water the better - nothing heavy or sweet on a summer afternoon

- i.e. corona with lemon or lime

- vodka with seltzer and a splash of cranberry

- wine spritzers, though i'm not suppose to drink wine cuz it makes me evil

then later the tequilla ! [Wink]

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