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What discs CAN'T you live without?


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I know this has been done before but I need to make a list so I purchase the right music before I leave for university. Here are a few I couldn't imagine not owning. I'll do 20.

[in my particular order]

1. Phish- Junta

2. Vertical Horizon- Live Stages

3. Miles Davis- Kind Of Blue

4. Herbie Hancock and the Headhunters

5. Ominous Seapods- Matinee Idols

6. Bela Fleck- Bluegrass Sessions #2

7. String Cheese Incident- Carnival '99

8. Greyboy Allstars- A Town Called Earth

9. Ween- Chocolate and Cheese

10. Neil Young- Decade 2 CD set

11. John Mayer- Room For Squares

12. Steve Miller Band- Greatest Hits 74-78

13. Steely Dan- Greatest Hits

14. Pink Floyd- Wish You Were Here

15. Spin Doctors- Pocket Full of Kryptonite

16. Dave and Tim- Live at Luther College

17. Great Big Sea- Up

18. Burt Neilson Band- Orange Shag Carpet

19. Fat Cats- Daredevil

20. John Coltrane- A Love Supreme

I'm probably missing a bunch, but I'd love to know. ttyl, peace-


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I agree with a few of your selections:

Phish: Junta

Floyd: WIsh you Were Here

Greyboy Allstars: Town Called Earth

Ominous Seapods: Matinee Idol

And ill toss in The Allmans "eat a peach" (I stole if from my library by mistake when i moved from Illinois....sent them cash and later, some live discs:)

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This is NOT the fairest question of them all:

1. The Grateful Dead - Live Dead

2. Miles Davis - Tribute to Jack Johnson

3. The Beatles - White Album

4. The Who - Tommy

5. The Jerry Garcia Band - The Jerry Garcia Band (double live Cd from 1990)

6. Jerry Garcia - The Pizza Tapes

7. The Allman Brothers - Live At The Fillmore East

8. Phish - A Live One

9. Dereck and the Dominoes - Live At The Fillmore

10. John Coltrane - A Love Supreme

11. Miles Davis - Bitches Brew

12. The Beatles - Abbey Road

(man, the thinking begins soon.....)

13. Jimi Hendrix - Band Of Gypsies

14. Grateful Dead - Nightfall Of Diamonds (recently released album of one of my FAVORITE concerts they ever did, if I had to pick one...........jeebus, this one defines me quite well)

15. Bob Marley - Legend

16. The Grateful Dead - Europe 72 (there, that should cover my boys. Without them, I am a shell of a man)

17. Pink Floyd - The Wall

18. John Oswald - Grayfolded (He splices the Dead's Darkstar all OVER the place. i HIGHLY recommend this one folks if you like psychedelic journeys through music. STRONG visuals will ensue, go buy it now)

19. Pink Floyd - Dark Side Of The Moon

20. Radiohead - OK Computer

(I aint even including Lenny Breau, Zappa, The Stones, Zepplin, Black Sabbath, Dylan, Stevie Ray V.........so freakin many)

That was TOUGH!

Shainhouse, I honestly did this to help you figure out which albums you might want to purchase. Out of all of them, guessing what you like, get that Grayfolded one. It is the TRIPPIEST thing I have ever heard. If you have a decent sound system, you are in for a major ride................

Personally, I would love to see Jaimoe, Davey-Boy, Bouche, Dog At The Station and Giggles post here. It would be fun to see the differences.

Heck, I wish Pablo was around, he turned me on to Remember Shakti and I think EVERYONE needs to get that album too. Yup, I would purchase every album he mentioned (if I didnt have it, which I am guessing I wouldnt have many of)

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Deep Breath.........

1.Phish -A live One

2.Grateful Dead - Europe '72

3. MMW - Last Chance to Dance Trance

4.Rolling Stones - Exile on Main Street

5. Bob Marley - Legend

6. Bob Dylan - Best of Vol 1

7. Rheostatics - Double Live

8. Jeff Buckley - Grace

9. Neil Young - Decade

10. Neil Young - Rust Never Sleeps

11. Phish - Junta

12. Radiohead - OK Computer

13. Fatboy Slim - One Night at the Boutique

14. Blind Melon - Blind Melon

15. Ben Harper - Fight For Your Mind

16. Dave and Tim at Luther College

17. Weakerthans - Left and Leaving

18. Pink Floyd - The Wall

19. Beck- Odelay

20. The Beatles - Revolver

It's a horrible feeling to have to choose. Anyone who has gone travelling knows this dilemna. Above you see CD's chosen for their quality but also in some cases their sentimental value, their ability to time travel me to a place in my past.

Get'em out there folks!

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