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a hunter thompson story


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it's kinda more a bill murray story, and i hope i'm remembering it at least sort of accurately...

so about 10 years ago i was watching bill murray on david letterman.

bill for some reason wanted to impress upon dave that he's done some really moronic things in his life. So he told dave a story that took place during the wild years of snl.

It seems they were all at a big party

and for some reason bill got it in his head that he was a bit of hoodini. He was convinced that he could untie himself and escape no problem if he was tied to a chair.

So he gets all tied up but decides that this stunt isn't enough of a challenge yet. So he

gets some guys to put him in the pool.

Bill has totally forgotten that because he is sitting down in the chair, his head is now beneath the surface even in the shallow end.

So he's under water working away at the ropes and slowly he begins to realize that he's not a magician and he doesnt' know how to get out of the ropes. Hes starting to worry a little because he's also realizing that nobody's really paying any attention to him. Just as he gets to the point where he's freaking out and gonna die

Thompson walks by and yanks him out of the pool sets him on the deck and continues on his stroll.

cool as a cucumber saved murrays life.

this has been a story about hunter thompson.

*actually i sort of remember the story as being thompson yanked him out by one hand and continued on his way and i'm also thinking the story was about how strong hunter s thompson really is... but i'm not sure on that*

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