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Summer's comin and I got a review!

I'd never thought the first words out of my mouth coming out of a Trey Band show would be "Man, that flute solo was out of control"...

and yet it was.

The one thing that makes these Trey shows so good is with the number of different and EXTREMELY talented musicians, 9 times out of 10 you come out talking about the band and not Ernest G. himself.

Now to the highlights

- being front row of the mezzanine in easily one of the most beautiful venues I've ever seen - perfect view

- tight first set - huge jams - got there late missed "Night Speaks" (no big loss)

-second set - that Last Tube had to be 30min+ and like I said, the aforementioned flute solo and jam - killer

- love Jennifer - trumpet, singing and TUBA jammin

- Cyro Baptista is a Brazillian Tazmanian devil -really adds to the energy

-nice acoustic moments - I like the new tune Discern alot

- Encore - SULTANS OF SWING - unbelievably perfect

here's a complete setlist Trey Setlists

Some questions remain that some of you that were there can help out with:

Did I hear right during the band introductions that Trey introduced himself as Wilson?

What was on the hat that the kid gave Trey/that Jennifer wore?

Despite getting rear-ended on the way home (by some 20 year Trey head , no worries , all's fine) and the 7 o'clock am tee off time I had this morning, I'm still riding the vibe. [big Grin] Great things ahead for you Vermont show folks!

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