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nerolog, Stardate 051702


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nero opening for Wassabi Collective @ Steamers, Victoria, Brittish Columbia

I had to get up at damn 8:30am to feed the meter for the bus. Of course I couldn't get back to sleep and I was a bit hung. Got the oil changed in the bus

and in the process Shane got locked out of the hotel. Killed the day quite effectively and waited for the Wassabi Collective to arrive. They were easy to spot. The band is a six piece plus a lighting effect guy and merch guy and they were all decked out a la Mardi Gras. The drummer played completely naked. They

pull out a big crowd too, and this was the first show where they are encouraging

everyone to dress up weird for the shows. Things were pretty cramped up on stage, but nero squeezed in and pushed out a nice tight set that got people dancing and kept people's attention. Scored some fine fine hash off the

psychedelic light guy at the set break and got ripped in the hotel room.

Wassabi Collective is a fun bunch of freaks; basically a drum jam with melody and breaks. I know the Sanctuary crowd would love 'em. I gave them some contact info so they might head out east. Don't recall much of the rest of the night so I guess we all went to bed. Oh yeah, Dave went to a party at a hostel

for about 10 minutes and as a result had to sleep in the bus. He didn't get up in time and we got a ticket. No matter, word is tickets don't transfer.

Quote of the Day: "So, do you want to share the drumstool?"

Whispy Mountain Wonder

Miko Mard>



Peaches en Regalia

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