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nerolog, Stardate 0518/1902


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nero @ Long Beach Golf Course, Tofino, British Columbia

Okay, we were certainly hyped for these shows. May Twofour (called May Long

out here) at a campground that is always so packed they couldn't even offer us a

site. No worries there, the bus and a parking lot will be just fine. Stopped

and got some hots 'n hams for the bbq and dumped our per diems into a bunch of

Sleeman's - let's party! Once again made the beautiful drive across the island

towards Tofino...hey waitaminnit...what are all these RCMP doing on the side of

the road with their dogs?!? Ruining economy and spoiling weekends, of course!

Worry not, we didn't get popped 'cuz we didn't get stopped, but lotsa folks did.

There were only about twenty sites taken at the campground, and the cops didn't

consider any campsite off limits. Sure wasn't crazy in there like we were told

it would be. Anyways, we grilled up some food on my Coleman and went off to the

lounge to get started. Fourteen people showed up and loved it, including a girl

who came up from Victoria for the shows. Show ended, back to the campsite (good

news was we got a site) and to sleep. Next day we saw a really cool search and

rescue helicopter take off from the airport adjacent to our campground and we

went to Long Beach, which would remind anyone of the Beachcombers. Second night

was a solo show, in that only one person was there (thanks Caroline!). What the

hell happened to all the folks who loved it last night? The bar guy wanted to

go (we were all drinking our own beer) so we packed it up early and headed back

to the site. Wouldn't you know it, we ran into a dozen people headed to the

lounge. Unfortunately, we had torn down all the gear, so we went back to the

site and I encored for a long time. We all (especially Dave, and Shane, who

puked) got smashed and I finished the show with an improvised trilogy of songs

called Gay/Heterosexual Man/Why Why Why Am I Bi and we all called it a night.

Pretty successful weekend on this relax/fun factor, but less party than we

expected. Oh well, tour on.

Quote of the Day: "Thank you, and you."


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