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nerolog, Stardate 052402


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nero @ the Legion, Roberts Creek, British Columbia

Somehow, nobody died or sustained any severe non-mental injuries on our day off

and we made it to the bar by 8:30pm. Roberts Creek is small. I called the

booker from the ferry and asked how long it would take to get to Roberts Creek

and he asked, "are you driving?" Apparently this is the devious growth capital

of Canada or something, but not many people were going out of their way to prove

it. Set 'er all up, lit the Christmas lights and got the show underway. A

small hyperelectric audience came out and danced like maniacs - one guy spent

most of his dancefloor time upside down. Met some great people and stayed at

Jimmy Dory's (the guy who puts on Evolve and other great stuff) place. Jimmy

and his expecting girlfriend live in a cabin in the woods. It's as romantic and

cool as you'd think - they got chickens and neighbors what drop in for tea.

There's not a whole lot of extra space so we split it up outside; three in the

bus and me in a VW microbus. I slept amazingly well despite the fact that I was

sleeping on shards of glass from a broken windshield. One of the best sleeps

I've had in weeks, in fact.

In the morning Jay and I hand-fed the chickens and Michelle and Jimmy made us a

great wholesome breakfast. Went into 'town' (a post office, restaurant, and

variety store) and had coffee at the very relaxing restaurant, the name of which

escapes me. Contented and excited for a great night to come, we bid farewell to

Jimmy until we see him again in August and we hopped the ferry back to Horseshoe


Quote of the Day: "Bucketafish"



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