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nerolog, Stardate 052502


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nero w/ themasses @ The Silvertone Tavern, Vancouver, British Columbia

Y'know, funny thing one notices when hanging out with nero all the time is that

they sing ALL the time. "I'm hungry" becomes "My belly is huurtin', I could eat

an ur-chin, keep on searchin' for a place to stuff my fay-ace," or "I'm running

out of clean laundry" comes out "I'm stinkin' up the bus, stinkin' up the bus,

stinkin' up the bus with my sock-a-row-maaaa!" I guess being an instrumental

group, they need an outlet.

Anywho, back to the Silvertone! Got there and met Weezy and immediately

convinced themasses to give up their prime parking spot right in front of the

bar. Hey, we're handicapped!

The bus has been an amazingly beneficial commodity on this tour. Park right

outside the bar and a la peanutbuttersandwiches, you got a bandroom. It's

great to see that at the end of a huge drive all anyone really wants to do is

stay on the bus. And it sure saves on hotels and makes travel time way more

pleasant/productive. I'm typing this on the bus right now. Can't imagine doing

all this touring in a mini-van.

So, back to the show. My lawyer friend and some of his friends showed up and

our new friend Caroline was here for her fifth and last (for now) nero show.

themasses was owed a favor from a friend who brought a really cool light show to

the bar. At one point before the music started I noticed that the new Star Wars

pinball machine was free so I went over and dropped my quarters in. Very cool

pin, it projects images onto the glass telling you what to shoot. I found out

later that the light guy had to set his fog machine up on a seperate circuit and

the only place he could find to put it was underneath the pinball machines. So

here I am playing this crazy new game, I'm racking up points and buddy tests his

fog machine. Smoke came pouring out of the machine and I'm thinking, "wow, cool


themasses were really really cool. They did a lot of jamming; they were

initially gonna play with no rehearsal but they did end up getting together a

few times. You gotta like a band with that attitude. Anyway, I loved their set

a lot, and I was especially impressed with the keyboard player. Love to hear

someone play jammy music on keyboards and sound different. nero went on and

played a great long set, and I'm sorry, but I can't find the set list for this

show. Rest assured, we wanna buy some cool lights as soon as we get the cash.

Stayed at Corey's place again and spent the next day off driving towards

Calgary. Stopped for the night at Last Spike, the site where the east and west

were officially joined with the last railroad spike. Somehow fitting, as we

make our way back towards our home in the east.

Quote of the Day: "You want THIS parking spot? Uhh..."

(found the setlist)


Whispy Mountain Wonder


Tonto's Underwater Paradise>

401 Theme

Miko Mard>


Joseph's B&E Bonanza>


e: Pumpkin Song

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ha ha - that same thing happened to our drummer with the pinball machine. He was traumatized by the whole thing, though.

thanks for the words, we're gearing-up at the end of July to play a lot of shows (when our bass player is back from Oregon) Hopefully we can play together again next time.


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