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nerolog, Stardate 052702


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nero @ Charlie's, Calgary, Alberta

This was supposed to be another gig opening for Recipe From A Small Planet, but

they got rescheduled to the day before and nero had Recipe's regular Monday

night all to themselves. Charlie's is a nice bar - we like Charlie's. Good

food, good staff, nice looking room. Some folks came out from the shows in

Calgary about three weeks ago, but it was still a disappointingly smallish

crowd. Beyond that, the first set wasn't up to their usual standards, but by

second set nero was rockin'. Overall, a somewhat chill night. We gave a few

people a ride home and stayed at the Recipe house, going to sleep after watching

another Adam Sandler movie. What's up with that?

Next day was a day off so we got a bunch of business stuff done at the internet

cafe and lazed around watching the hockey game (see ya, Leaves) in the bus until

(ba Ba bubaba Beh bahhh) the new Star Wars. Seven thumbs up (Dave wasn't overly

impressed), good movie. Slept in the bus at a truckstop. Ah, the glamour of

the road.

Quote of the Day: Girl at Harvey's: "That's $4.70 please...from $10, your

change is $5.30."

Dave: "Uh, I gave you a $20."

Girl at Harvey's: "Oh yeah, um, I gonna have to go get a calculator, I'm not

very good at math."


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