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nerolog, Stardate 052902


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nero @ Woody's Pub, Kananaskis, Alberta

Kananaskis is three buildings, and they're all hotels. Literally three

buildings, surrounded by mountains, one road in, one road out. They are

expecting approximately 3000 RCMP here in a couple of weeks to protect the G8

dudes from legal protest. Who knows if our room was already bugged. This place

was really nice though. You never know what to expect when you see the words

"accommodation included" on the contract, and times like this you're pleasantly

surprised to be in real-live-human-being hotel rooms, and not a 2x4 bunkbed

storeroom condo. Add good food and lots o' beer to the equation and a good

night is probably in store. It got a bit iffy when one of the hotel employees

damn near burnt the hotel down, but we all remained composed, which dramatically

beats the alternative, which would be decomposed, of course.

Nice crowd of mainly local staff came out and the show was well appreciated,

except by the hecklers at table #1 right beside the stage. These guys hated it

and had no problem making it known. All was good, on three occasions people

turned the main speaker towards them and heckled back. It was fun. One guy

took a old-time-western-movie-tumble ass over teakettle down the wooden stairs

at the end of the night, and like the rest of us, he was too drunk to really be

concerned about it. Anyway, it was a good night of music, and very late at

night we all went to bed.

The second most annoying thing that happened the next morning was the

accidental 9am wake up call that despite my frenzied phone dive, I missed. The

most annoying thing that happened that morning was the phone call that woke me

around 10am informing me that because terrorists bombed the World Trade Center

the US government would be immediately requiring $1000US or they would cancel

all our American dates. I explained the situation to the half-asleep room and

Dave said something like, "Fuck George Bush, he should be shot." Great. As if

these rooms aren't already bugged. I sent the check, we'll see if we get in.

Quote of the Day: "When Jazzberry Ram comes, we'll need a real PA."



Wata Bug

Oregano Mice


401 Theme


Tonto's Underwater Paradise>

Speed Queen


3rd Stone*>







First Tube>

Chocolate Monkey Machine

e: Pumkin Song

* w/ Dave strapping his guitar to his back a la Bruce Springsteen.

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