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nerolog, Stardate 053002


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nero @ The Saltlik, Banff, Alberta

Bellies full and somewhat rested we made the quick drive to Banff where we

hooked up with my friend John and we made our way to the bar. Really nice room,

and we got hooked up with free yummy steaks. Set up the gear and hung in the

bus, our little private refuge on wheels. nero played a great first set and I

started drinking pretty hard. Second set rocked even more and I maintained a

hard-drinking attitude. Between second and third set me and John were sharing a

hoolie out on the bus and I struck up a conversation with this guy outside who

asked if he could join us for a hoot on board. I said sure and he pulled out

some super gigglestick on us. I got completely rocked and walked in to have

nero rock my face off. The third set was perfect for my, John and Mark's

(gigglestick friend joined us at the bar) state of mind.

Oh yeah, the rest of the crowd seemed to dig it too.

We didn't have accomodations that night in Banff so we made arrangements to go

to Canmore and stay at the Ho for the night, and that's what we did.

Quote of the Day: (girl to cop) "Please don't make me do that again!"


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