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nero @ The Apollo, Thunder Bay, Ontario

What a great spot to wake up. After a really nice sleep we were greeted with

the prettiest lake you ever did see, and the boys were all happy that none of us

had died from drinking the lake water the previous night (city kids!). It was a

pretty long haul to Thunder Bay but we got there in plenty of time for the show.

The Apollo is a nice little bar - a bit rough around the edges, but a good

stage, great PA, and lots of live music. The crowd was medium sized for this

show, and they were treated to without a doubt the best sounding show of the

tour, and possibly one of the best played shows of the tour. I spent most of

the night in conversation with a girl who said she specialized in disposing of

dead bodies and she was looking to Frankenstien up the perfect man, with special

emphasis on research into finding the perfect penis. Just my luck that we had

to leave town right after the show on a fourteen hour journey to play North Bay

the next night.

The crowd absolutely loved nero, we sold a bunch of cd's and stuff, packed in a

hurry and drove, with me taking the first shift with Dave on keepthedriverawake

detail. I started the journey by explaining to Dave how moose will just run out

in front of you, you don't see them coming and they're pretty much impossible to

avoid. Then I parked him in a seatbeltless camping chair beside me. Gotta keep

Dave awake somehow. We saw three moose in the six hour shift.

Quote of the Day: (doorman/moron) "I can't charge those guys cover, they're in

my band!"



Wata Bug>

Miko Mard

Holetown Charlie


Peaches en Regalia


Pumpkin Song

Chocolate Monkey Machine

e: First Tube

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