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nerolog, Stardate 060802


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nero @ Jimmy Jazz, Guelph, Ontario

I bussed it down to Guelph a day early to start shmoozing at the COCA conference, and I'm proud to state that I shmoozed up a storm and got blind drunk in the process, just like everybody else. The New Deal wasn't too bad either.

After what seemed an eternity, the lads arrived in Guelph and we tried to crowd the band into the teensy-weensy little corner stage area, and started drinking the "piles of beer" we were promised.

Our friends Pete and Tasha hosted a shish-kebab dinner party that we joyously stuffed our faces with, and down to the bar we went, where we were surprised to find our Ottawa-now-London friend Giggles laying in wait, then Mark Tonin showed and Shannon and Erin From Brampton and with Pete and Tasha's friends there was actually a good crowd when nero went on.

Which was nothing compared to twenty minutes later when the the place really started filling up. The band was backed with an open window facing the street and people were hearing nero rock out and seeing a crowd of dancers and joining the party. nero was obviously feeling the energy of being back among friends, 'cuz they played their asses off. By the end of the first set you couldn't find a waitress with a gieger counter and getting through the crowd was becoming difficult. Oh well, let's relax in this alley with friends during setbreak and share a smoke 'er two. Come back to the bar to find that someone liked the band so much they stole a cd. Classy. Whatever, next set was crazier than the first, everybody (and that means lots of people) loved the show, the bar man overpaid us and rebooked immediately, and back to Pete and Tasha's for an great afterparty.

Yay for getting closer to home.

Quote of the Day: "Hey man, we missed a live band! The weren't Death Metal, but it was a live band!"



Tonto's Underwater Paradise>

El Vezz

Wata Bug>

Miko Mard

Oregano Mice>


Run Like Hell>



401 Theme


Speed Queen




Pumpkin Song

Peaches en Regalia

Chocolate Monkey Machine


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i can't believe you forgot about me, velvet! me - the incoherent wierdo.

well that kinda makes sense, but i'm joking anyway.

it was a killer show. thanks to pete and tasha for everything.

to you characters - check out heroes comics in london for all your collectibles. awesome store - worth the drive for sure.


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That was pretty much my reaction to the show. Thanks to Pete and Tasha for the eye candy and hospitality. Nero: Thank-you once again for the amazing time. Y'all never cease to amaze me. Ottawa and Tdot, be afraid...be VERY afraid...fear the ELVEZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Giggles [big Grin][big Grin][big Grin]

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