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saturday and sunday night


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well, i'll leave the Trey in VT reviews to other people, except to say i thought the show was great and the weather was not. nice to see kyla, jay-nero-drummer, and howler as well.

it's funny. i think everyone saturday night was hoping for guest appearances from the phish boys, and maybe some were too hung up on that to fully listen to and enjoy the show. the guy behind me wouldn't stop talking about how he heard page was there and how he heard they would play light up or leave me alone.... kinda annoying, and i hope he enjoyed the show as much as i did.

as for top-name guest appearances, anyone who was at the Prince show in Ottawa can attest that two BIG names showed up on the NAC stage. Maceo Parker played the whole show, while Larry Graham (Sly & the Family Stone) came out for Sing a Simple Song. There were plenty of good covers (done Prince style) that Prince played just to make sure people didn't lynch him for playing a lot off his new (crappy) album. He played some Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, Sinead O'Connor, and Ohio Players and some other stuff I can't remember right now. Maceo also played Pass the Peas, which was just wickedly funky.

All in all, the bad parts of the show were really bad, but the good parts were supremely funky, and that's what I like.

Oh yeah - lots of good quotes too:

Prince: "Do y'all like the funk?"

Crowd: "Yeah!"

Prince: "Well we're gonna get deep in it tonight!"

Crowd: cheers

Prince: "We shoulda brought scuba gear!"


Prince: "Is it better to give or receive?"

White guy in front row: "Give!!"

Prince: "Well then why don't you give up your front row seat to this brother here?"

White guy: gives up his seat

Prince: gives white guy seat on stage

good times. off to bed now...


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