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Funny Chewie Pic o' the Day


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Thanks for ruining the movie. I still haven't seen Episode 2! Now its RUINED!!!

Oh well....thanks to that, I found some shameless 'photoshopping' happening on the net....Click on the photo for some more hard-to-spot fakes.

Which one's are real....which one's aren't? You decide.


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That site is a riot, Bouche.

IF this one isn't real, than this Denise (girl?) is certainly a master with photo manipulation:


Keanu: "Whoa!"

The vulture one is just too funny!


yeah, Kuips is en route to Bonnarroo, Butch 438-1041. don't know schwa's deal. ACE 4-4145. you know I'm not going, eh?

wsp/moe/les though?

So how do you like the change of going from being the hip morning guy to doing to agri report on the AM station?! You sound good though, buddy.

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