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R.I.P. Audiogalaxy


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so things are just going back to the way they were. All you need is a little know-how, and patience and you can find anything you need.

There are plenty of sources for mp3's, but finding what you want easily is not necessarily the way anymore. It never was, not until Napster came along, then EVERYONE could jump in and get things for free.

Kazaa is pretty simple and so is Morpheus. Watch out though, I know that Kazaa actually uses your computer to propagate itself. Basically, it'll use your computer and internet connection to actually supply people that are trying to download Kazaa! CrazY! WHen I run those programs, I COMPLETELY disable sharing.

Direct Connect works great, as long as you can section off shitloads of gigs for sharing. But what good is sharing these days with companies like BELL capping your uploads?


is another possiblity as well. I used it before, but it was an early, and buggy version.

If you are really adventurous...get into use IRC for file sharing. It's sort of complicated, but it works. Hell, that's all Napster was, a fancy IRC client.

Invision 2.0

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