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Question of the Day June 21 2002


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Best in the world? Wow....

ummmmm.....as for ones I think are amazing...

1. Joni Mitchell

2. Mr. Yorke (radiohead)

2. Garcia (of course)

and this one is out of the blue but

4. Shannon Hoon (Blind Melon)

I have to say these people are four of my favorites because all of them sing/sang with soul and like they put their hearts into it.

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Musical Theatre:

Male - Colm Wilkinson

Female - Barbara Streisand (Love her voice)

Popular Music:

Male - Freddy Mercury of Queen, David Bowie, Frank Sinatra

Female - Joni Mitchell, Whitney Houston, The chicky poo from Portice Head (sp?), Billie Holiday, Macy Gray, Leanne Rymes (sp?) and Dolly Parton.

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Guest Low Roller

Tough question. I'm going to have to stick to my favorites, because they are favorites for a reason. Maybe not necessarily the best world renowned vocals, but their vocals resonate in my brain the right way:

A) Thom Yorke (Radiohead), Poe

B) Jim Morisson, Shannon Hoon (Blind Melon)

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lets keep that kindof talk to a minimum on the board eh huxshe? [big Grin] j/k

smiths falls mmmmhmmm, yes sir i moved here i guess close to 4 years ago now. i dont think i know anybody though, do you ever come visit your familY?

bouche and doulouhoo are here too as was giggles ... anybody else close by?

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actually my aunt pat just left here this week from a 10 day visit...great lady!!!

i might be up that way in august...i gotta visit my grandma in perth (she's very old and not much time left i'm afarid)

but i'd love to meet and hang...do you like to smoke and groove to cool tunes??? wow so do i...hahaha.

do u know any thompsons, mcleans or uniac;s?

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Living: James Taylor

Not-Living: Sandy Denny (ex-Fairport Convention)

James Taylor fucking kills me. "Mud Slide Slim and The Blue Horizon" (1972) is a desert-island disc for me. His voice could bring world peace if everyone would just pay attention....

As for Sandy Denny, her voice was pure and clear and her handling of melody unparalleled to my ears. Her singing on Fairport Convention albums like "Liege and Lief" and "Unhalfbricking" sends shivers up and down my spine. And her solo stuff, while spottier then her tenure with Fairport, yielded at least one classic rock/folk album: "North Star Grassman and The Raven".

Nice stuff.

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The responses are 95% of the fun!

My response is 100% reversed from the order of the QOD...

B) passed on... he'll always make me close my eyes and wish for a good high...James Douglas Morrison

A) living... I dunno, Kid Rock? Slim Shady? How 'bout Van Morrison, now there is a completely silken voice (ya know, silk with a little bit of a gravel cover, not unlike Mr. Waits)

I'm sure I'll change my mind a little later in the thread... but what the hell!

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A) Tommy Chong & Warren Haynes

B) Pigpen & Brent Mydland

(we are talking duets, right?)

But in all honesty, I have 100%-ly agree with Treyter on many occasions regarding Jerry Garcia (its all about those '94 Stella Blues, you know, the end part) and Thommy Yorke.

Those 2 singers hit me in the "kitty boo-boo fuck" more than any other ever has.

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