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nero @ The Comfort Zone, Toronto, Ontario

Back in the big smoke. It's almost like being home again. We started off the

day by driving to my friends place, visiting their new baby Giles and enjoying a

barbeque at their expense. 'Twas lovely. Down at the bar we were expecting the

usual - extra grungy, but we were a bit hopeful that the recent staff changes

had resulted in a slightly cleaner bar. When we got there we saw all their old

chairs outside waiting to be picked up by the garbage dudes. My gawd, I can't

believe I've actually sat in those things. They were absolutely disgusting, and

I don't disgust easily. Unfortunately, they've replaced these smears of seating

with badly thought out, uncomfortable chairs and the bar is nearly as grungy as


Don't get me wrong, there is something kinda warm and fuzzy about the Cozo, but

it sure ain't too comfy. Kinda like watching your favourite child puke. The

staff is great, the sound is good, and the crowd is excellent. It's encouraging

to see the Toronto crowd grow and it was great to see some Ottawa friends out

(thanks for watching the merch, BradM). nero played really well and I just

missed Dave's 'My Fave Things' tease in 401 as someone engaged me in

conversation just long enough to miss it. Great night all around, and we packed

'er out and made the overnight drive back home. It was nice to see that Welcome

To Ottawa sign that we have been away from for almost six weeks.

Overall, this tour went really well. The best thing about it is the mental

health, which is strong, due to four good friends out doing this thing, and our

new best buddy (knock wood), the bus.

Quote of the Day: "Say, there's hardly any puke and needles back here anymore."


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