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nerolog, Stardate 061302


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nero @ Cafe Dekcuf, Ottawa, Ontario

Home! Of course this is home after driving all night and everybody trying to

visit girlfriends/cats and going to graduations and stuff and here we are at the

bar for Hawaiin night and we all 100% spent with exhaustion. The bar had picked

up some pineapples and little umbrellas, Jody was looking cute in her muu-muu,

and people started filing in in their finest Hawaiin shirts, getting lei'd (by

me) at the door. I was proud to notice that seven of my own aloha shirts were

making their way around the bar, and I was happy to get a hug or a handshake

from almost everybody walking through the door. It's good to be home.

Gotta love the Dekcuf. The place just gets better and better all the time.

They got a little patio out back now, and the lights were incredible (who cares

if the band can't see their instruments), and oh, the crowd! Not bad for a

stealth (read: unadvertised) show. Folks seemed pretty excited to hear the

effect six weeks on the road had had on the band. And they heard it.

Two things: 1) it was obvious to anyone who was there that had seen nero before

that there was a definite improvement in how the band is playing now, and 2) it

was obvious to me that they were very tired. Probably the best Ottawa show

ever, but probably the weakest show of the last ten or so shows. Which is fine;

I think the audience got a good show, and Canada Day will kick everyone's asses

all over the place.

Only thing I could say at the end of the night: What a great bunch of people it

is that comes to these shows.

Personally, I spent the remaining 71 hours in Ottawa rehearsing, playing a gig,

doing business stuff, sleeping, doing laundry, and giving the bus a good clean

out with Shane. It was a great relief to get on the bus Sunday and head east,

which is what we're doing right now.

Quote of the Day (tie): 1) "I have to go, gotta get up in the morning and write

manuals. Those manuals don't write themselves, if they did, they'd be

automatics." and 2) "You're Yoda for that band."



Whispy Mountain Wonder

Speed Queen

Wata Bug>

Miko Mard


First Tube


401 Theme

Pumpkin Song

Holetown Charlie>


Run Like Hell>


Oregano Mice

Chocolate Monkey Machine

e: Peaches>

El Vezz

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Keep the logs comin', Velvet, they're great reads (and this [and the previous] one, especially: I was there!).

What's the plan for getting the tapes/CDs from the Western tour out? Seeding a tree or two here in Ottawa might be good; those with upload/DC capability might also be able to get 'em up on the 'net.



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hey, i keep missing these great nights! [smile]

Anybody who wants to... let me know if you're staying in town Canada day weekend and going to the nero/ferriswheeler canada day.

(Most people i know will be at frontier town, and wont be back intime for the early gig)

But i think i can actually come out for this one ha ha! so let me know if you're going to be around and if i can hang with you? [smile]

(who wants to be be my friend?)

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