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nerolog, Stardate 061702


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nero @ The Tidal Pool, St. Andrews, New Brunswick

We split up the Ottawa - Maritimes drive by camping out in the bus near Riviere

de Loup, watched some Twilight Zone videos and slept in until about 11am. Made

our way to amazing St. Andrews for our second time there and checked into our

rooms at the Salty Towers. Set 'er all up and started the gig. Turns out the

local cool kids had organised a funk party to warm up for the nero show, and a

few songs into the set the room began to fill with beautiful people funked out

from their fro's to their platforms. People danced and screamed and generally

had a grand old time, and soon enough the gig was done and off to the afterparty

went we.

Possibly the funkiest kitchen party in the country this Monday night as we all

kicked it up to wah-wah and slap bass on the linolium floor, and I got loaded

and tried (unsuccessfully, surprise surprise!) to pick up just about every girl

there. I did manage to fall on my ass on the stairs though. Funny how everyone

was saying how much I was going to be hurting in the morning when I was hurting

just fine at the moment. Pathetically, I left the party kinda early, around 4am

or so, and as I had won rockpaperscissors against Shane for the bed over the

couch, I crawled in and went to sleep. Inexplicably, I woke up on the couch

anyway - Shane and Dave slept in the bus, we got our shit together and made for

the island.

Quote of the Day: "Someday you'll find a girl who really cares for you, I just

know it."



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