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I'm a funky bassman moving to T.O.


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I am a bass player who is moving to Toronto in the middle of August. Once I get to town, I will be looking to groove it up!

I played in a jam band doing 12-15 gigs a month for most of last year. We were called Chameleon and were very popular in Victoria BC.

My bass style is 100% groove, and I like to put lots of heart into my notes. I've been playing bass for over 5 years and had my bass for almost as long. We are quite well bonded, her and I. I can solo if called upon but prefer to lay back. I'm an experienced and sensitive jammer.

Anyways, what I'm getting at is: If anyone wants to jam when I get to town, let me know!

Or, if anyone has any tips about living and playing in that huge city, please help me out. Thanks! [big Grin]

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Nice to meet you PhishyK!

Funky eh?

I like the sounds of that, get on the 401, boogie on reggae style to the 416, take the old 16, get on Hunt Club and go west (you are in Ottawa now), take it to Riverside Dr, go north, take it to Ridgewood, take that to Springland, turn right, take first left (you are on Norberry).........go around the bend and the first apartment building is mine. 2660.

Call my pager 594-2658 and I will give you the rest of the info.

I got a fridge full of Sleamans for ya!

(not for any of you other Skanks, you must bring your own)

Its Friday, lets jam.

hurry up Special K

I can only stay this sober for so long.............

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Sweet dude!

Reggae is my specialty. Seriously. A couple years back I learned every Uhuru and Marley bassline I could find.

Will the city crush my weak BC spirit?

Will you be my first Toronto friend?

rocking and rolling and loving the Sleemans


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Welcome to the big smoke! When you get here!

This sanctuary is a must to keep up to date.

You should drop by the Comfort Zone on a wednesday.

You should definetily get yourself to the Frontier Town in august (September long weekend). That's where you'll find your best fiend...i mean Friend.

Best of luck.

I wish I could play a reggea bassline!

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Originally posted by CautionClown:

This sanctuary is a must to keep up to date.

What a Clown, 5 total posts and already they know it all..........

Silly Clown, tricks are from chicks!

(I am really just kidding here, you will get to know my sarcasm, I hope)

But seriously, there is some great people on here and at the jamhub (www.jamhub.ca)

I was also serious about sharing my fridge of beer with you My Friend, My Friend. There is a Kramer acoustic bass sitting here (ala Gene Simmons during that Kiss acoustic stuff, except mine is white) with your name all over it.

Get a band and get a hold of the Nugget man, ottawajams@hotmail.com , he is promoting like a SAVAGE at our local bars here. We are lucky to have him and so are you. Ottawa is a great place to be right now...........

Boogie on reggae K!

Good luck in TO, there is soooooooooo much damn music there EVERY night. It makes me jealous.

A few Booche-words of advice, get tickets to see the PLQ at the Molson Amphitheater this July 9th, if you havent seen them OR even KNOW them, I promise you, you will be BLOWN to pieces. Being a bass player, even more so!

After the show, get on the FREE bus ride to the Comfort Zone and go see Nero.

Honestly, I figure it will be the best 12 hrs of straight music I will have seen this millenium! (I didnt get to go to Cypress)

Go go gadget Phil...................!

(Holy moly, little sleep thanks to the England-Brazil game and a few beers, make Booche gush like a 'guizer')

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