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nerolog, Stardate 061802


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nero @ Baba's, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Islet

We all crawled out of our individual sleeping cubbies and got on the road towards PEI. Fortunately my back was hurting enough to make me forget about my sore neck. Dave remarked that he has never played Baba's without a hangover, and he remained consistent on this trip. I still get a bit weirded out by that bridge - it looks pretty sci-fi. Got to Baba's and set 'er all up.

Baba's is cool in that it's small enough to host a great party on a Tuesday

night. Lotsa folks came out for the show - it's really fun to see the crowds grow as the band comes out here again and again. At one point a really drunk lady sat next to me and asked if I knew where she could get some "weeeed."

Seems she saw I was the only person in the bar sitting alone and at a table full of merch and she uncleverly deduced that I must be local and would therefore know where to get some "weeeed." It all started to make a bit of sense when it became apparent that she was trying to pick me up. She's eight years younger than my mom. Creepy. Anyway, nero played a nice show and we packed up and got

outta there. An old friend introduced us to a new friend and the six of us went to our new friend's place to sleep. In the morning (afternoon) we woke up, played some frisbee, ate some breakfast and walked across the road to the Atlantic Ocean. Funny, exactly a month ago we were playing in the Pacific

Ocean. Tide was out so we rolled up our pantlegs and got wet. I found a sandbar that I named "Juggle Island" and claimed as soveriegn. I declared war on a neighboring sandbar. The tide started coming in though, and soon I was homeless. Borders can be so fickle. All to soon we bid the islet farewell and

with great anticipation we made for the ultra-hospitality of Hotel Snelgrove in Moncton, my mom and dad's place.

Quote of the Day: "I jush want shum weeeeed, I don't like boozh much, you got

any weeeed? I'm not a cop or nothin'."


Holetown Charlie>

Oregano Mice

Wata Bug>

Miko Mard


3rd Stone>



Whispy Mountain Wonder>

Chocolate Monkey Machine


Speed Queen

Peaches en Regalia


401 Theme>


401 Theme

e: Pumpkin Song

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