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nerolog, Stardate 061902


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nero @ The Paramount, Moncton, New Brunswick

Always nice to get to visit my folks on these east coast journeys. They're really nice people and they treat us like gold when we're there. Got to borrow mom's Jag to go to the beer store and Jay and I took it for a spin to pick up some clamato for Caesar's. Boy, I like driving that car, it's all engine and class.

We had a nice quick dinner, BBQ steak, pork and sausage, amid apologies that

we'll have better food tomorrow. Man, on the road, if it don't come with fries, it's quality. The Paramount was a movie theatre when I grew up, and now it's two nice bars. Moncton being a small enough city, I knew the bartender and the soundguy from long ago. Great crowd for a Wednesday night, though a few of our Moncton mainstays were gone to Bonnaroo. Hard to tell how the show went, 'cuz working the door puts you right behind the stage at this place where the sound ain't too special, but the eighty or so people there seemed to have a great time. Come end of the night we left everything there and went to my parents house for a nightcap and a good night's sleep. Fifteen years ago you could never have got me to say this, but Moncton is a nice place.

Quote of the Day: "If we don't come in the bar, it's your loss."


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