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nerolog, Stardate 062102


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nero opening for Jimmy Swift Band @ The Paramount, Moncton, New Brunswick

I had to set my alarm for 10am to get up and make a million phone calls,

following up on all the COCA business cards I collected, and I found my newly retired father out in the driveway giving the bus a much needed cleaning on the outside. I spent a couple hours on the phone and made breakfast for the guys. I got back at the phone and the guys attacked the bus. In total we cleaned it inside and out, fixed the taillight and the rear heater, got rid of the handicap

stickers (bye bye quality parking spots) and the annoying door-is-a-jar buzzer, painted over the rust, added a luggage rack and a hanging luggage thingy, reattached the license plate and the door brooms, and just generally got the bus in as tip-top shape as we could for zero money. The bus looked so damn good I wanted to sell it. Then we ate a roast beef dinner and hit the bar.

Our gig in Antigonish (who could be against gonishes, I ask you) had been

cancelled so we got on the bill with the Jimmy Swift Boys for another night at (my old) home. The other side of the bar had a U2 cover band going on, at one point I stuck my head in there, and boy (ha), did they suck. It must be

embarrassing to be in a U2 cover band that sucks, 'cuz I can't imagine an easier cover band to get together, 'cept maybe a Hip cover band. Yeah yeah, I know the vocals are the tricky part, but if you don't have a singer that sounds like Bono, don't start a U2 cover band. Sheesh.

nero did a set and Dave joined Jimmy Swift for their last tune, then nero did

another short set and Dave joined Jimmy Swift for their last tune again. nero made a lot of new fans at this show, that's for sure. 'Twas a good time all around. Things were just getting started though.

Bunches of folks were headed to the mansion in Shediac for an afterparty. We got there around 4am and started to party fairly hard. By 4:20 both bands gear was set up and it was a free-for-all jam thet lasted until about 9am or so. Fine, fine music got played - no songs, but lotsa crazy good music. The dual

bass assault comprised of eleven bass strings was sweet. A great frisbee throw on the front lawn with Jay to the sounds of Dave on keyboards, Shane on 7-string, Craig on drums and Mike on guitar was another highlight. So were the Jagar and tequila shots and Ben's great home brew. A brisk three hour nap and

we were on our way to Halifax, happily spent with well-earned exhaustion. Those at the show tonight got some treats, but those who made it to the mansion got the whole show, that's for sure. Sorry, but I couldn't be bothered with taping at the mansion. Surrender to the air.

Quote of the Day: "You're weird and mean and I don't like you anymore." That

was said to me, can you believe it?!?


El Vezz

Chocolate Monkey Machine






*w/ Aaron from JSB on keyboards

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