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nerolog, Stardate 062102


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nero w/ Range Life, The Attic, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Ah, Halifax. We like Halifax lots, it's a great city full of great music and the boys always seem to play really well here. It's also where the Jagar ritual began and where our distributer is based. Pulled into town and went straight to the distributer and dropped off a bunch of cd's. Finally. We had signed the

deal with No Distribution months ago and now they finally have cd's to distribute. So, walk into your favourite cd store anywhere in Canada and ask them to get you some nero and now they can. It's all about tiny victories.

After a frustrating series of circling the same freakin' block we found the bar and loaded in. This was our first time at this place. Nice bar, incredible staff. Big place, but if you're not up front it has some crazy sightlines, like watching a band in a house of mirrors. The sound was great (the soundguy used to tour doing sound for a friend of mine) and the band played great despite being totally exhausted. After the first set Dave claimed it was one of the best nero sets ever and he may be right. We certainly sold more merch than pretty much ever before and the bar manager loved it and is dying to have us

back. Oh yes, we'll be back at the Attic, that's for sure. Near the end of the second set some of the Grand Theft Bus guys came over and hung out (they were playing at the Planet that night), but soon enough we booked it and got some much needed sleep in a racetrack parking lot. In our beautiful little bus.

Quote of the Day: "Is there somebody else in your band who looks just like you?"



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