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nero @ The Cellar Patio, Fredericton, New Brunswick

Wake and drive. Find Tim Horton's. Damn, need fuel. No diesel. No diesel. Diesel! Tanks on other side, when will I get used to that. Drive. Drive. Drive. Shane, you drive. Passenge.

Fredericton! Checked into the hotel and the world stayed a bit ugly. Shane and I were in a very grumbly mood seperately together. This was a day of short conversations and eggshell stepping. Bought cigarettes and the world got better. Might as well kill myself instead of the three of them. Tomorrow we will try harder.

The bar is great, great staff and a nice patio on a nice evening. Ordered from that Brazilian pizza place that puts cream cheese in their crust and paid way too much for way too little really good pizza. Then we went to the store and on the way back ran into our Saint John friends Nina and Sean! They were in town for a softball tourney and it was great to see them. The show started and the guys cranked out a pretty good set. As the second set began I was sent on a mission to grab some "weeeeed" that was about a five minute walk away, according to my host. He spun a dual-skinner for the walk and proceeded to take me on a multiple-terrain obstacle course that, though I concede was obviously the bee-line and most direct route, was also a questionable find-again-'cuz-I'm-coming-back-alone route. I kept turning around trying to lay mental breadcrumbs, which probably contributed to my dizziness, and we made it off-campus. Then we walked far. Then we got to his place and I desembarked for my fast walking solo journey back, 'cuz I've been gone way too long. Got back to campus and was doing okay on finding my way back when at one point I stopped because the music was definitely coming from off to my right. I went that way and got around the building to realise that the music was actually coming from over there... Walked that way and...waitaminnit, the music is bouncing all over campus and I'm lost. Everywhere I turned was the right/wrong way, and when I finally made it back I realised that I was pretty much there when I first veered off. Lesson: Fuck instinct. Keep going.

Second set sucked, people had a great time and we booted back to the hotel. Jimmy Swift were staying there too and we partied it up like real rock 'n rollers 'til daytime, slept a solid six hours, ate a good solid breakfast at 3pm and booted it to Saint John. Alive. Barely, but alive.

Quote of the Day: "Um, okay, I'll have a small one."



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