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Mr. King checks out for another summer


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Sorry folks, just had to share my utter joy. I still find it strange to think "Hmm, I have the next 60 someodd days off"

Anyway, looking forward to seeing most of you this summer. I tend to wander so I'll be posting less but living more. Speaking of seeing you, here's some places were I know I'll be!

CTMF on Sunday Only - Due to an extremely shitty decision by my mom, family function on Sat - the good news - I grew up fifteen minutes away! Save me a spot on the edge of Santu-city.

Phil/moe/soulive and then Nero! - Woo boy! Can not wait!

If you live anywhere near Grand Bend ON - every Monday night I run a jam night and No Applause Wednesday's with Scottie King on July 3, July 24 and Aug 14 at Gables - will there be Brittany? We'll see.....

Evolve?- This one is up in the air due to neck surgery I have to have soon - they can't book it until after a CaT scan in a week but they expect it to be late summer or early fall - 10 day recovery or so - so the answer is if no surgery expect me in the EAST (Northern Wish I'll be in touch)

Plus possible Ottawa road trip at the end of July and hey if you got a suggestion, let me know. I'll probably be up for it.

Anyway, just had to share the joy. See you out there!

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Congradulations man!

(If congrats are in order [Confused] )

DogAtTheStation will be living your dream soon enough...........goget'emDoggie!

As far as your neck is concerned, Treyter once told me that he got out of that surgery once his doctor told him that he "cant do what dogs do".................. [Razz]

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