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Herbie/NoJazz and rocking out with Roy


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So last night we checked out the Herbie Hancock show at the NAC. The room was packed and damm hot. This was a very different show than the last Herbie show I saw in Montreal a few months back. This was a very traditional Jazz show. Each of the 5 players on stage was insane and laid down some sick shit. I had a good time and IMO the sax player stole the show. This was a short show, under 2 hours. It was done so early that we got to Babylon before the doors even opened, no worries, into the alley for a re-charge.

As we sat in Babylon sipping our beverages, we noticed Roy Hargrove (Herbies trumpet player) walk into the bar.... As I passed him I just smiled and patted him on the back, "Nice show man" was all I could think to say to him. Jaybone and I took a trip outside, by the time I got back into the club, Sloth had already hooked Roy up with party favors and the band was just starting.

NoJazz was awesome!!!! Kinda like tND meets DJ Logic meets Karl Densson..... As they were setting up, Jaybone comes over and states "I think there is gonna be a throw down tonight" and he couldn't have been more right!! These guys kicked ass from the first beat!! Heavily danceable, mad scratched from the DJ, sweet horn section, and this band had a tone of energy, always bouncing, crowding around differentband members as they got sick on us.... very sweet show.

Good night of Jazz, it was a taste of everything, from Herbie's traditional masterpieces to NoJazz's hip-hop Jazz it was like getting dipped at both ends of the Jazz spectrum.

Highlight of the night

With my eyes closed, and fat beats moving my ass, I smashed into someone, I opened my eyes and it was Roy, he smiled and patted me on the back and we rocked out on the dancefloor together. Fucking cool, not 2 hours before, he was rocking my world, now were just a couple of guys tripping on the floor... sweet.

What a week so far.... Muffin tonight anyone?

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