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spacious couch


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Saw a great band last Sat at the cozo in TO ... Spacious Couch from Vancouver. Intimate show to say the least (nobody showed up). It was their first time in TO so I guess that's understandable. I'd say they're Jazz/Latin/Funk influenced. A comparable band/line up would be One Step Beyond. Incredibly solid players (first time I've seen a band at the cozo who were reading from charts!). A couple of time changes tripped up a few of the dancing cozo cave denizens .. oh well ... adapt man. The line up consists of two sax players, guitar, drums, bass and latin percussion. The sax players were exchanging some serious licks. The tenor/baritone/flute player was running his instruments through effects ... a tenor sax solo through a screaming wahwah pedal ... wild. The LP player was awesome. He pulled off a 10 minute solo that had all 15 of us slack jawed. The rhythm section and guitar player rocked too.

I think they're back in September (not sure of the venue). I've paid 3 times as much to see bands that weren't half as good. Check them out ... you won't regret it.

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Well Bush... I'm glad you mentioned that...

Nugget Productions presents....

Spacious Couch

W/ Ferriswheeler

Saturday September 28

Cafe Dekcuf

Ottawa ON

When I first heard their disc I was floored. I still listen to it all the time. They will blow the Cafe away!! I am soooo looking forward to this show!

Still a long way off, just planting the seed....

I'm sure there will be as many Ontario dates as possible for the Couch as they tour through in the fall.

They were good enough to make Bush speak up and stop lurking .... so they must be something... ..

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