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Nero @ The Scherzo - whoa -


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Set 1

Tonto's Underwater Revenge>

Whispy Mountain Wonder


Oregano Mice>


401 Theme








1st Tube

Something seemed to tell me early on this was going to be one of those nights. From the moment I ended up switching my travel plans to get here, to passing the boys on the highway and possibly being distinguished with being the first fans to accomplish that feat, to the moment we walked into the bar and saw 'the other guitar', which was sandwiched between The Sloth saying "There is something extra special about Scherzo shows Booche. I have TONS of Nero and they REALLY play hot shows there.", I knew I was going to be enjoying myself. Hell, I was seeing Nero to kick off a 5 day Booche-fest!

Let me throw out the disclaimers now, but we got balled last night so the above setlist may be incomplete (I dont think that though) AND/OR wrong.........

Treyter made the trek to Kingston in Treyter time. A conservative drive would have put us here at 8:25. A fast drive would have put us here at 8. We got here at 7:35. No joke. All the while, he is saying things like, "Yeah, I have paid more fines than the mafia" when discussing his speeding tickets, and "Oh man, I feel a MAJOR coffee buzz coming on, you know when your cheeks go numb?".

This set the tone. Bar none.

Getting to the bar, we see only a tiny handful of people, and we know them all, except the bartender and the hot Molson rep who gave us free glasses of 'little beer'. This girl was smoking and Treyter's eyes POPPED [Eek!] POPPED as soon as he saw her, which was worth the trip itself when he introduced himself upon realizing her beer was free.

We sat around for smokes IN THE BAR, chatted with the boys as Shane was catching winks in the bus and just laughed and waited. Velvet decided to break my back with a "I wish this fuckin' band would start. I thought we paid to see a band!"

The boys had their traditional Jaeger shots and hit it off with Tontos. (Cheers to Velvet for pointing out to me that you know its Tonto's for that underwater-sounding section about 2 1/2 minutes in). Oh yeah, they came to play and Shane has woken up!

As soon as Dave hits his first loop in Tonto's, I fully realize that this is the best sounding room I have heard Nero in. His loops were piercing all night. This slinked in Whispy and Dave was SERIOUSLY getting off during this. Seriously.

The bar is empty and these guys are busting it! Incredible. I came to understand what Velvet was talking about when he said that the last Ottawa shows was the best they have done, but certainly not indicative of the way Nero is now playing.

We have our first break in the music, at which time I have to find my jaw from underneath the table and Dave says "We're Nero from Ottawa for those of you that are not"

Effervescence came floundering out, and I am trying to find a cord to hold my shorts up because the boys are ripping the crap out of them. This went to places I was completely unfamiliar with, and I realize I have missed seeing them as often as we used to. Here we are, they are once again playing better than I have ever seen them and I am proclaiming to Treyter "I have never seen these guys play such a good first set"

The only guy on the dance floor at this point is Jeremy (or is it Jarrod, I dont know, you guys tell me) from the Lindsay area (sorry, I forgot the name of your city-town). Anyways, Dave had said to me upon seeing him walk in "Hey Booche, who is that guy? I have seen him at a few Ottawa show". Hell, I didnt know and wouldnt know until set-break, but he decided to speak up at this point. The bar is quiet and he says "Play Oregano Mice, its my favorite song.....well, today anyways"

The Meetchee comes out and floors the entire 23 people room. Incredible stuff here. Working its way into Centrognome, I was trying to find the roof which also toor into 401 Theme. This was a fantastic three song run to close out the first set and I was half-expecting them to just do another 3 song encore and call it a night. I was spent, they had to have been.

Yeah, right................

Condor BUSTED the second set and I realized that this is by far their most improvizational song. Its their signature as we all know, and it should be in the modern day grand scheme of things. This soared like the bird she is, but this was more like a bird that would play chicken with planes, and win. Absolutely brilliantly blinding!

Treyter steps up to the plate and delivers shots to the Sloth and myself (Jaeger of course) We have just determined that we must keep some form of tradition alive and that is, at least 2 fans must do shots, just to show them we are with em. The song ends and we have to do the drunken-stoned high-3's. We couldnt get all our fingers to meet. I cant wait to hear this Condor again.

And then.......................

he picked it up. I dont want to be so bold to say it was because I wore a tie, but that may have been the reason. Heck, we joked about it before the show and after it.

I had my back turned, but once we were a minute into Watabug, the gas pedal had just been pushed to another level. I love that G&L folks, you know, the semi-hollowbody one. This was only the second time I have ever seen him use it, but he OWNS it. It is one fat-ass sounding guitar and this version will only prove that fact. In aroiund here, Sloth and I figure out how to save the world, Treyter realizes how to save himself and we are getting kicked in the face. Words cant describe what went on, getting the tapes will do that. We went on a massive ride that didnt stop, I wish I had timed it, and it was looooooooooong. The Sloth figured somewhere in the 40 minute range while Treyter thought it was more like an hour and a half. Slithering to Lemondust and Basheeba and back again, we had to be mindful not to fall on the floor. I was experiencing my favorite form of live music, one that pushes you back from the stage. This was heavy and thick. I have to hear these tapes again, and I wish I was back in there, I was scared at the time. This smoked and I was thankful that the disco-ball was busted.

Did I mention I love that guitar?


We screamed with delight and I swear to you, that was the loudest 20 people bar I have ever heard. Heck, I think we were down to 10 people at this point. When we did scream last night, they heard it and smiled.

The encore was 1st Tube and let me just say, the combination of that room and THAT guitar are made for each other. We all freaked in Ottawa 2 weeks ago at the 1st Tube that night, but this one would hold a candle in a thunder-storm and still be lit. We got on the dance floor and jumped straight up and down with Shane, said our goodbyes and left, looking for a poutine line-up for Treyter.

As you all know, I gush EVERYTIME i write about Nero, and for good reason. Last night was just another good reason to gush.

He played the other guitar.

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Nice job Booche. You so eliquently slapped me in the face for not being there to support the boys. Fuck I hate hearing about shows I missed, but you did a bang up job of painting the words that almost brought me there. I'm glad you had a good time. I can't wait to hear that show.

See you tonight. Drive safely.

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He purchased the semi-hollow one about a year ago I think..........

He has 3 G&Ls

Remember when you did some reasearch for me, and sent me what you thought was a KILLER g&L?

Thats the one.

It is a bad and dirty little girl. Dave spanks her very well.

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Thanks for coming down to k-town boyz! I was extra impressed when I heard Hood had to be in Ottawa at 7am.. leaving the bar stinkin like beer at 2:30.. i love it!

The Scherzo is a great room eh? I think I prefer it to most rooms in Ontario.. hotter and sweatier than a whore last night though.

Come together is gonna be FUN! anybody hitting the free Scofield show in T.O?? Still not sure on that- but it'd be fun... anyhoo. ITS SUMMER!! yeah!

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well said as always Booche [smile]

you thought the drive THERE was fast??? lol [Roll Eyes]

thanks for making the trip worth it NERO--i had a blast [smile] i love the sound of that room...not to mention the fact that you guys consistently kick me in the ass hard. [Cool]

thanks sloth for being spontaneous and especially for waking my sorry ass up at 5:15am to hit the road (with a 420)...i coulda never woke up on my own man, u saved my life once again.

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"And I think to myself,

What a wonderful world."

Thanks for summing up a lot of the emotions I was struck with earlier in the week. Every time I would think to myself how original and amazing their music was, I looked around to see if everyone else was getting the same feeling. Thanks for writing that, you have cemented it for me.

Long live nero!


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Aaaaaaah that was a fucking blast.

I think the review summed up the show perfectly.

Thx for doing all the driving Treyter (especially the ride back in the morning - it really wasnt all that bad but I think we were still a little drunk and the hangover hadnt set in yet).

Thx Booche (and Booche's mom) for giving us a place to stay and doing up BBQ.

Thx nero for kicking my ass as usual.

I think I knew I was in for a wicked booze-athon when Treyter turns me as we walk into the bar and says "No shooters tonight". Famous last words.

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