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Banned for life @ the Babylon....


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If I see that f*ckhead meaty beaty bouncer again Im gonna punch him in the face.


On Friday nite I went to the Babylon after the Riders game...bad move.

I had just freakin' worked a 12 hour shift in the sun all day w/little food in me. And so it goes...I was at a booth and kept knodding off and sleepin'...well,theres no need for that here -

Now how the f*CK am I gonna see nero and sh*t. Man...Im pissed off!! -HELP!!!!

Thank you to TREYTER for callin' me to offer up a ride...SUPERB!! -

Peace to y'all but bouncer n owner...

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Puddles Puddles Puddles

You are one messy SOB....

Friday night was not the first time you stumbled into Babylon in an incoherent fog. In fact, every show I have seen you at, your a mumbling mess. The owners of the clubs always worry and ask me about you. I usually tell them your harmless and not to worry about it... ..I was wrong.

I love this crew of people for their ability to party hard, yet still maintain some semblance of self-control and NEVER, EVER cause a problem in ANY venue we frequent.

"If I see that f*ckhead meaty beaty bouncer again Im gonna punch him in the face"

The bouncers name is Ian, and he is one of the nicest guys around. You are lucky it was this meathead that escorted your ass out. He showed tremendous self-restraint in the face of blinding idiocy. I heard the trash you talked to him, and I would have smoked you for it. You got banned for the way you behaved when you were asked to leave, not for being a consistently fucked up mess.

"I was at a booth and kept knodding off and sleepin'"

We watched you for over half an hour. You didn't move a muscle. There isn't a bar in the world that will let you pass out or "sleep" inside. It wasn't until you nearly fell out of the booth and onto the floor that they asked you to leave. How could you even question that decision? You could barely walk when you got up.

Babylon are tremendous supporters of this scene and deserve our love.

It's hard enough dealing with bar owners and rockstars, your bull shit is not appreciated. If you can't stay awake for the whole show... stay home!

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DoubleB ,work a day in my shoes then have a couple!! "one fucked up mess" alrrrighty then,my appologies to Ian but he wouldnt even listen to a word one from me. As for the owners "worrying about me" come on,I fn' work 60 hours a week building decks in the hot sun,Im not 16 years old. I make it a point to support our local emperors for over 13 years now here in Bytown & sometimes 2-3 beers feels 20! So well to Babylon and all the rest...I'm not a shit head by any means and I dont need to be babysat,just dont talk to me like a 4 year old! I also take meds for my heart condition that slows things down(drinking or not)...anyway have a good one y'all...enjoy Canabis Day.


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As an adult...you must know by now that that the bar is liable for you.

If you were to die from complications resulting from working outside in the sun all day,taking pills for the heart and then drinking in Babylon...it would not be your fault...as it should be. Your family could well sue the crap out of Babylon for serving a slow,passing out guy.

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One question...

If the meds have "NO effect" why mention them?

Okay, two questions... what support are you lending the community by dozing off? You can neither purchase drinks nor shake your booty will unconscious, both of which lend credence to bands who want only to become repeat perfomers.


Also, your over use of punctuation leads me to believe you might sense the limitations of your own argument. Words, rather than excessive punctuation can do more for your cause than any exclamation point ever will.

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hey pudds, no problem on the call...last minute deal here as usual, and had the room in the car.

too bad you couldn't wake up to go to the ctf....too much to say right now but man o man!


got booted eh?! haha

i got 86'd from the babylon one time and the guy was a real prick about it. i didn't do anything wrong (in my mind at least) and the fat fuckin' scag grabbed me, and forced me outside before i could finish the drink i just bought.

needless to say i verbally assulted him using key Ali tactics such as "YOU SHOULDA NEVA COME TO AFRIKA!" "I'M A BAD BAD MAN!"

(while i conveniently hid behind miss. huxx [Wink] )

In my opinion the reason the guy was such a prick was because it was late, i was torn and i made for an easy target (he really didn't have to be such a crayon about it though). BUT: maybe this ian fuk-suk is just an asshole who doesn't like his job and takes it out on poor, unsuspecting, liquored human spectacles. 3 words for him if such is the case: LEARN TO FUCKING TYPE! you are in the wrong business chief. i mean what are the odds that he booted both me and Puddles from that joint in the same year without a solid reason?!!!! Impossible i say! forget that, check this: it sounds like this guy has it out for us middle-classed, white-breaded mofo's who drink more than their share, and drunkenly resist being pushed around by ugly, pudgy, lame-assed-corn-bread-eatin'-chitlin'soutee'n bastards who power trip simply because they can...

fight tha man!

send some letters to babylon re: drunken profiling, and its adverse effect on alcohol sales.

that or go and apologize sincerely, maybe smoke the guy a hooter or 2, and quit falling off your ass in public.

sounds like a lot of work either way.

hope this helped there puddles. [Roll Eyes]

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I say everyone chill the fuck out because everyone was doing they're jobs.

PUddles was working one getting all fun-ed up and the bouncer (having been there myself for a year or so) was just doing his job whether he liked it or not.

So everyone take care of yourself!

This has been My Two Cents

by Schwativa.

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You can neither purchase drinks...

...maybe purchasing the local establishment's booze, rather than the 'homemade' vodka/crans is another way to support the bands and the bars... I've seen people make worse fools of themselves (some examples posted here on the Skank) than what the Puddles Saga sounds like & I'm just one of those peripheral types...

we all make asses of ourselves at least once in the grand scheme o' things (I've been there on many occasions and cannot rule out making an ass outta myself in the future) and you eventually just gotta admit to it...

the question here is: to slag or not to slag? Just suck it up one and all and let the finger pointing subside, k?


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