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Well it was another great weekend up at the gost town, and the weather my god the weather, and the music my god the music, and the drugs my god the drugs, and the people god the people, and the beer my god the beer, and the chicks my god the chicks.

Now thats out of the way, if you were not the this passed weekends fest you missed out on one sick sick Fat Cats set . The fatty's new songs are unreal these guys are slow moving up into there old spot on the Canjam's top 3 bands. Oh ya NERO ah ya NERO they now hold the record for the band that made dance my most. With that unreal jam nere the begining of there set WOW WOW WOW my nee's really hurt today.

But my biggest highlight for me would have to be the late night druming, man CTMF always has great druming untill the sun comings up. Thses late night drum jams made up for the lack of druming at the May 24 for it was -4 at night that makes it very hard to drum.

I love meeting new people, and party with good old CTMF crew, man i love that place. Only like 2 momths till the next time.

Did i really playing simon says last night?

im not sure if that really happened?

Whats up with DOY not showing?


"sitting in silence smoking forever"

"i was there before the frist second"

"i love coke eventhough im not on it"

"my going to ride my glass's home glass' glass's glass's"

all thse from my buddy David E when he was way way to high on shrooms

im alittle unsure about this whole simon says thing but do remeber hearing this come out of Todd's mouth.

"simon says give me all your drinks"

"simons says shake your ass"

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well, what a strange journey I had this weekend.. [smile]

It was awesome to meet sooo many new sancuarians.. Let me see who I can remember! Show-whore, Second Tube, Canned Beats, Ms. Huxtable and the Booche/Bouche combination, I re-met scottie king and gentle monkey.. If I forgot you it's nothing personal [Wink]

Some of my highlights were seeing Nero, Erin Smith, Fat Cats (of Course), Swimming in the river, the drum circle, and meeting and hanging out with so many wonderful people.

Hope to see U all at the next one.. [smile]



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What's really funny is that I sat here reading this and thought, "Wow, he was playing Simon Says?!? Seems like there's lots more fun to be had at Frontier Town than playing Simon Says." Then when I got to the end of your post I realised/remembered that it was ME who had been playing Simon Says, and for quite a while I think. I better rethink my pickup strategies. Though I do remember getting some drinks...

nerolog to come.

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"Well well well, you can never tell."

I didnt know that was you, if I think I know who you are.

Who in the fog was 2nd Tube?

That was ALOT of fun and I want to thank everyone that had to deal with me wasted ramblings, especially Tungsten. Man, you are the MAN!

Sally (Lynn) has me know worried that she could actually "dance for another". She loved you more than I should post.................And the saddest/craziest part out of all of that, is that she didnt get to experience anything you ended up pulling out of your back pocket like the rest of us did. That was BY FAR the best magic bag I have ever had the pleasure of seeing at a party. Good job man, once again, you are the MAN!

You ensured the sloppy 'edge hopping'

By the way, you can all "Fuck off!" (With Ricky's voice)

I am still up and I aint going to be able to function on Wednesday. Those damn Nero kids screwed me over again and I had to go to an after-party, even though they went home to bed. Treyter would not be impressed with their post-show perfromance.

Thanks Harpua, that was fun as shit even though Dave-O was a Suzie for not picking up the mandolin...................

I cant believe I am going to bed so early.

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Best CTMF ever! They just keep getting better and better! We got in late on Friday (around 1:30) and thought we missed DOY. Turns out everyone did because those fuckers didn't show up! Does anyone know anything about the reason why???

Saturday was a perfect day. After breakfast and the homecoming parade, we all went to the beach for a swim. Cameleons, macaws, Durham folk...wild stuff and very refreshing. Soon after returning to Frontier Town, the debauchery began. Stapes and Catphish were premixing drinks, Tungston was portioning out the goods, Davey-boy was weight-lifting beers and the games began!!! Saturday night Drive by Leslie astonished us. They are one tight act. Very professional and very, very good and laying down the groove. I liked the tunes very much and would highly recommend you check these guys out if you missed them. They weren't the nicest guys I've met. Adam (keyboardist and front man) was the biggest ego I've met in a long time and the guitarist/pig made all the girls want to slap him. I haven't been that turned off by a come-on in a long time. Three things for ya dude ~ grow a foot or two, grow some more hair, and grow the f*ck up! Fat Cats were everything everyone said they would be. A real crowd pleaser and a lot of fun. I would have loved to have stayed and danced for their whole show, but the psychadelic trip I took had me staring at the stars thee for a few hours. *whew, when will this end???*

Sunday - 11:00 a.m. Hood rattles the tent. "Bouche, get the camera man. You don't want to miss this!" We groggily wake up and follow the group to the stage area. Poor Davey-boy lay there, a la crusifixed Jesus, spread eagle on the dance floor. People passing by ask if he has a pulse. "Friends" give hima poke or two. Catphish applies some sunblock. Some throw coins and make wishes. Eventually, he wakes up, we have a good laugh and he makes his way to his tent, both middle fingers waving proudly in the air. Again, some breaky in town and a nice refreshing swim, followed by a sleepy afternoon. We spend most of the late afternoon worrying about our nero boys. Where the hell are they? What has happened? Are they going to make it? Sure enough, just as the band before them ends, they show up, but not in the bus as we expected. Seems it broke down on them. I am sure there will be more on this in the nero-log. Very excited, we head to the stage. NERO KICKED ASS!!! BEST NERO SHOW EVER!!! Man, I have never in all my life danced the way I danced that night. It was one of the best shows I've seen hands down. nero had the entire crowd moving like they hadn't moved all weekend, and wouldn't again. After the set, I listened to the buzz in the crowd. People loved these guys (how could they not). I am sure they picked up a mere 2 or 3 hundred new fans.

On to the anti-climax! BNB had the tough job of following nero, just fresh off a cross-country tour. One couldn't help but compare the two bands. We went from a transiant, dancing frenzy, to a less-than-energetic performance by BNB. I am a big BNB fan. I have always placed these guys high on my list of favorite bands, but there was definitely something missing on Sunday night and the crowd knew it. I think it was heart. Absolutely no passion, and they weren't as tight as they have been in the past. I admit to being a bit disappointed with their Frankenstien and Funkless Shoes.

Dave Lauzon joined the Golden Caramels in the saloon afterwards. They weren't his bag obviously, but he is a superstar and made them sound DAMN good.

I was sad to see the weekend go by so quickly. As we pulled away on Monday morning, I felt that I needed just one more day, one more night of fun with friends and good music. It definitely left me wanting more, and looking forward to Labour Day.

Good to meet you Sarahbelle, Second Tube and many others.

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Frontier Town ... "Heaven on Earth"

A few personal highlights:

Grooving to the Fatties ... they played with a renewed sense of energy that made me sweat, smile and dance ... I can't wait to see them again this summer

nero ... wow! They just keep getting better.

The Golden Caramels played one of my favourite songs of all-time ... Cross-eyed and Painless by the Talking Heads. I was walking by the saloon when I heard it, and rushed inside, peeled off my shirt, and danced like there was no tomorrow for the song.

Partying with the many different friends I have met at Frontier Town and at other shows. I stayed in a cabin for the first time with Frontier Town regulars Scot, Deb & Trevor, finally met booche, and had loads of fun with all of you Sanctuarians and other many friends. I love the people at Frontier Town. Everyone just doing their thing and letting loose. I even had a friend and his wife show up totally unexpected ... an old university friend. What a great surprise that was.

Giving away the JMP and Phil tickets. What a nice job to have!!! Thanks to everyone who helped with the jambands.ca booth, the raffle, and the distribution of Scene & Heard. That's what I love about this community ... everyone pitches in to help make things so vibrant.

Swimming in the river on Sunday afternoon with a whole bunch of other Frontier Town friends. SO REFRESHING!!!

Listening to some of the new Jomomma cd in Eric Warren's car. Man it sounds great!!! Everyone should get a copy of this disc when it comes out in a few weeks.

So many more memories that are making me smile.

I can't wait to do it again on Labour Day weekend!!!

Happy summer daze are here [smile]

Peace, Mark

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awww yeah that was good times.

Good to see all you folks again from the last one, and a hey-ho to Booche, Lynn, Dave, Hood, and all the others that I partied with like you went to my highschool or something...ssssheeesh that was crazy. I don't know how you guys drove 5 hours home let alone went out again monday night, i was a frickin' rutabaga on monday. And shit i wasn't even there on Friday....you guys are hardcore.

lessee...what bands do i remember...I know there were some playing somewhere between the incoherent rambling, stumbling and laughing parts of the weekend...

Drive by Leslie was fuggin awesome, some attitudes in the band members themselves, but hey, i got a free case of beer from them!!

Fat Cats pulled off a great set as well, real high energy and great sounding tunes...didn't recognize a bunch of them so it must have been their new stuff. Then again on Saturday I don't think i would've recognized my mother if she would've been on stage...wait a minute, ah no, that was Gentlemonkey.

Nero rocked my world again, I don't even remember the first 3 songs as PEIPunk and I were in the watchtower busy pissing our pants laughing at some nu-skool ballet/interpretive dance hybrid thingie going on below us....

BNB really dissapointed me, maybe they shoulda just broke up. Totally felt like it was a 'because we have to' gig, no inspiration, the most pathetic Who renditions i've ever heard, and lacklustre performances of their own songs....Really, the festival should be scheduled so bands that are high energy are last on the main stage.

Monday came so fast, it was a blur of heat, lazing in the shade, tunes and ...well, it was a blur to say the least.

Great times folks, can't wait to see you all again.



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hey all--hope everyone made it home safely and quickly.

i'm still recovering. i can't believe you people that made it to NERO last night, especially NERO. you guys are incredible.

Barrett is the man. Tungsten is a walking party. Stapes is a sick fuck (well at least get me a napkin...?!).

I liked the fatcats more than i did before & drive by leslie was cool with some nice scofield coverage. i liked that saloon place on saturday night (who the hell was playing in there again?) that was pretty fun stuff.

hmm.....NERO--need i say anymore? kickass.

BNB seems to be getting alot of complaints up here but they were still alright IMO, maybe not playing as good as previously seen, and following the wrong act. NERO should have closed it IMO, but hey, now they (the organisers) know too.

the only real complaint i have is that i took too much on monday morning [Eek!] , and that the food there was SHIT [Mad] worst fucking food ever.

i don't know where they bought those burgers, but for love of GOD! spend 10 cents more guys, and get real fucking meat please.

yeesh. i only ate half a cheesburger all weekend, and it was still too much.

[Razz] at least they donated a bunch of those tasty faux-shit burgers to NERO for making the trip!! woohooo! very classy. [Razz][Wink]

alright back to work,

have a good day all,


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Poor Davey-boy lay there, a la crusifixed Jesus, spread eagle on the dance floor. People passing by ask if he has a pulse. "Friends" give hima poke or two. Catphish applies some sunblock. Some throw coins and make wishes. Eventually, he wakes up, we have a good laugh and he makes his way to his tent, both middle fingers waving proudly in the air.

"Fallin' in and out of bars, on my own. Pick my head up off the ground."

-Blackout Blues, WSP

Glad everybody had a fun and safe weekend.

Had a great time in Deer Creek with backbacon and chandler (lurker).

Had an equally good time at Pine Knob with ACE, Schwativa, meggo and the rest of the crew.

Can't wait to see moe. and wsp this weekend and to meet y'all for Phill a week from today.


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Originally posted by Ms.Huxtable:

Sunday - 11:00 a.m. Hood rattles the tent. "Bouche, get the camera man. You don't want to miss this!" We groggily wake up and follow the group to the stage area. Poor Davey-boy lay there, a la crusifixed Jesus, spread eagle on the dance floor. People passing by ask if he has a pulse. "Friends" give hima poke or two. Catphish applies some sunblock. Some throw coins and make wishes. Eventually, he wakes up, we have a good laugh and he makes his way to his tent, both middle fingers waving proudly in the air.

Anybody else reminded of that Simpsons episode where Rod and Todd find Krusty passed out (and lookin' mighty hurtin') on the Flanders' front lawn? "Let's poke him with a stick..."



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Yes Nero could of headlined if this fest was in ottawa. but the fanbase around hasn't fully got into Nero yet. The Fat Cats are the kings of jam down. I could see Nero headlining the july next year or mybe doing the saturday at this up coming fest.


Here's 10 cent my 2 cents is free.

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hehehe i forgot those little tidbits that made the weekend-i don't even remember how i remember this shit that i remember.

Dave so far past conversation that even humming had eluded him. So he resorted to 'air-whistling' -sort of going through the motions without making the sounds. Oh yeah and of course his snow angel in the dirt over by the stage...

Stapes recounting his story of pissing on a biker. Yes, he pissed on a biker. Hear it from the man himself.

Mark Tonin 'strobin' on stage when the mic started to feedback

and for Booche, I know who's at the door...

" mr stupidy-head that's...fuckin pissin' me off right now and thinks he's the captain of the shitliner and by the way your fish-sticks suck so fuck-off. open the gate. "


The burt thing was a simple opinion for me, I don't wanna sound like one of those 'worst show ever' types-I understand the sound problems they went through but it just seemed lacklustre in performance. That's it. It sure didn't put a dent in my weekend, the party meter was running in the red the whole time...

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I thought it was ass backwards both nights. Drive by Leslie and nero should have closed both nights.

Ass backwards, but fun as hell anyways.

Just my $0.02

Ummmm, no. Yes nero was better than burt, without a doubt, BUT, drive by was not neally as PUMPIN' as the fatties. Sure, they were maybe tighter and more professional BUT, and this is open for debate, i saw more smiles at the fatties set than any other time that weekend.

And yes, i'd say around 100 people came up just for saturday night fatties and left sunday mornin'. They do have a huge fanbase, that was ALL blown away. I saw so many familiar faces saturday night that were gone sunday mornin' not to be seen again.

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So much fun covered in one weekend, and it seems like it just flew by. I recall anticipating this festival, on the drive home from the May fest and realizing that there was a little over a month to wait until the Cadanada Day (isn't that what Adam Klippel called it?) festival.

One month, and a complete reversal in the weather was all it took to create the atmosphere for excitement and fun, sitting in wait for nero to show.

They were a highlight....to watch our boyz play to the largest crowd they've had at Frontier Town and the coolest fire-spinners whizzing flames to nero-zapped music.

Adam Klippel and Drive-by-leslie floored me (not quite like davey-boy) with all of their jams, but the Beatles' "I Want You (She's So HeavY)" had to be an ancient wish-come-true of mine, to hear done so smooth, cool, and jazzy. I had to yell out 1999 to them, as I heard their rendition of it on their CD, and I hope I was at least somewhat responsible for it's appearance.

The Fatties are great. Cats under the Stars pulled me from the chip truck's pogo supply, down to the dirt to see how Stapes was enjoying himself. He was enjoying himself pretty blantantly.

It was once again so great to put faces to a few more names here. Sarabelle, Second Tube, and Sansilo were a few of the new faces that I was glad to finally meet.

Shannon's 3 friends (Jacinda, Shauna, and Trish) that brought a bar with them were a nice suprise as well. I heard a few calls for tequila poppers, but instead went for a piss.

It was great to see PEIPunk show up as well. Do all the east coasters say hello with a power laugh?

Thanks to Catphish and Ms. Hux for lending their arms for the draw, and to Catphish's group of kids that made such a fantastic Jambands.ca sign.

Quote of the weekend:

[as crystal is climbing into her tent on Sunday afternoon]

Me:"Hey Crystal, have you ever put vodka in a Del Monte fruit cup?"

Crystal:"That sounds good. Maybe I'll have that instead of a nap"

There is just so much to reflect upon.


Look what I can do!

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Hey folks!

i had a great night the sunday I was there. I wanted to be there the whole weekend but i couldn't afford everything that went along with it. i ended up only eating one can of zoodles and some fruit to go...well i had some salmon but that was a gift. thanks to everybody that helped my party go smoothly. I'm always so happy to go to frontiertown for the music but i always leave feeling fulfilled because of the people. everyone I met for the first time were great to have around and talk to while everyone i already knew were even more of the same. thanks for putting up with MY drunken/sketched out ramblings and comments. I always feel so content and energized when i'm around so many intelligent, creative, open minded people. I had a lot on my mind when i showed up and it mostly all got sorted out thanks to perspectives, experiences, and substances.

about the music: every band i saw was awesome. i could get all serious and critique the burties, but even though they weren't sounding as good as nero they're still great...even the lesser of a group of awesome bands is still awesome. thanks buys for helpin' me get my funkin' shoes on. I understand that we're all openminded people but a lot of us use disclaimers to make sure we don't offend everyone. i'm tired of it but i've gotta do it again...sorry burt boys but don't take it personally if you're reading...i think the atmosphere was a bit off for the burties after nero. it's like string cheese playing after phish...everyone was totally impressed by nero(as they should have been) and i don't think that BNB had the right vibe going onstage. the set was totally emotionally exhilirating and overwhelming. how do you follow that up? i danced but if i were the band after i'd have doubted myself just a tad and any sort of hesitation can set an artist off. mental situation has a whole lot to do with expressing yourself and i don't know what the burties were thinking at the time but emotional people(musicians) are often driven by their feelings. if anyone is down on the burt set maybe the onus is on nero for playing too well. (which would be a ridiculous thing to really be serious about)

anyhow, after the music on the stage ended i wound up at the campfire and then the saloon...the caramels are awesome and nobody showed. too bad. lauzon rocked the campers to sleep for the most part...i was on a bit of a dazed wander and wanted to groove in the saloon...then i had an urge that normally would be out of place but not at CT fest(at least in my situation, being ian from the caramel's friend) - i started playing with the boys and to be honest, i don't remember if anyone thought i was good or not (nor would it really matter anyway as it's in the past)but i had a great time and it made me really happy to be a musician starting up in the scene. everything about the night was definitely not a disappointment. yay!

it's really hilarious when everyone's compelled to talk to everyone for hours on end...given that everyone is pretty much unsober for the most part. i know people aren't around for my own entertainment - we're around for everyone's entertainment and i've gotta thank you all for being so entertaining. be proud that your brains work so well even if it doesn't seem like it at the time. you're all brilliant.

hey, GM...sorry i stormed off before you could give me my hotdog...i'm sore it would've been a succulent weiner.

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