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tidbit from Tenacious D interview


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Funny stuff...


Slightly serious question. If the D were sent to the Middle East to lead the peace process, how would they achieve rapprochement?

JB: What does rapprochement mean?

Sort of coming to terms with things... making peace.

JB: First, I would get a dictionary and learn the definition. Then I would take steps to achieve that rapprochement.

KG: I would make everyone sit down and say they're sorry.

JB: I would say, "Hey, you guys? That's just a fairytale. So this plot land over here, that you say is holy, that you are fighting over? Don't be retarded. Here, I'll make another one over here. This is one super-duper holy. Who wants this one? Party over this one." And no one would listen and then they would kill me. But then, later, a thousand years later, they would go, "He was a genius" and put me on a statue.

KG: Dude, I'm saying Nobel Prize.

JB: Thanks dude. So, does that answer your puny, little question?

It did. Thank you sir.

Full interview can be found here http://www.relix.com/tenaciousd/

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