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Upcoming Schedule at the COMFORT ZONE!- LOOK!


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July 3rd- Friends of Heffner w/Mark Wilson

July 10th- Astrogroove

July 17th- Aaron McDonald Band

July 24th- Free Flow

July 31st- Threat From Outer Space

August 7th- Guerilla Funk Monster

August 28th- Blue Quarter



July 5th- Dowtime w/Jeff from BNB

July 12th- Passenger [great band!]



July 5th- Warsaw Pack and Palenke Orchestra

July 13th- Caution Jam w/MIKE AND JEFF!!!!!!!

July 20th- Tala w/Jukejoint

July 27th- Hole and Corner [members of BNB]

August 10th- Tom Foolery [wicked groove]

August 17th- Astrogroove w/Jukejoint

August 30th- Slow Nerve Action

Please come out and SUPPORT our club.

Renovations are being done to make it a brighter, hipper and better place to chill. Without your support, I won't be able to bring in this music and it will stop happening in Toronto. Please come out, bring a drum, take it easy and support the scene!!!!

Wednesdays- No Cover, 2.50 drinks, drum jam

Fridays and Saturdays- between $5-10

Thanks alot ya'll.

any ideas, please contact me at:



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hey shainhouse

do you book the bands.

I was talking to steve from friends of heffner and he said the comfort on wednesdays would be a good spot for us.

Were called soul pleasure and very interested to play at the comfort zone.

We just played frontier and had some good feedback. Let me know if your interested.

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I do book the bands. send me a press kit at the addy below.

Grand Theft Bus cancelled because they are going into the studio. I'll get them back man, no worries, I PROMISE.

Here's my addy Jason.

Shain Shapiro

96 Francine Drive

Toronto, ON

M2H 2G7


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