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Anyone like PARTICLE?...


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I kinda dont and have a 2CD show from 12-27-01,Knitting Factory in Hollywood.CA. This is supposed to be an extremely hot show according to their discusion site!?The sound is gorgeous,a Matrix. If you want the specs. go to my site. Im lookin for some Hookah or DEAD.peace,Mike

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It's an amazing show, but some of the song intros are waaaaaay too long. The big moments are worth the wait, though.

Sometimes you just need to hear a band trying to blow itself up. Particle blows-up reeeal good.


whoa, how disturbing...

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give it to MarcO.

The drum and bass test:

Put any of these bands in a cd player, hit random, and see if you can distinguish the difference between,



tND (i know marc would be able to)

Lake Trout (who i honstely believe is horrible)

and even DB (except they have lyrics)

i've heard all five, and except for DB, cause they are SOOOO horrible, I can't.

So, for those outthere with the ears that can tell the difference, can someone point out to me the difference?

Thanks in advance,


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you should see a doctor about your ears...

Particle = Charlie Hitchcocks INSANE explosive distorted jazz guitar wizardry, Darren P on the drums kickin' most likely a fast, tight disco rhythm - very high energy, booty shakin' good time party band.

STS9 = ambient, new-age, drum n' bass, atmospheric. The philosophy is that no one instrument will be the focal point - it is the sum of the parts that you hear, no big solos - they are capable of making an almost perfect sound. Highly influenced by electronica, but they are full-on crystal-owning , insense-burning hippies, and the sound reflects that.

tND = live breakbeat house - drums, keys, bass - no guitar. The trademark sounds of Jamie Sheilds' keys... helloooooooooo... you're telling me you can't tell the difference???!!!

Lake Trout = OK, we finally agree about something, I don't care for Lake Trout either, but their sound is soooooooo different from the others - they have lyrics, over-emotional (almost disturbing) compositions. Their drum n' bass stuff can be interesting, though - super fast.

Bisco = They sound like Phish. Plus, they don't really dabble in electronica as much as their name may suggest. They just want to be Phish.

If you're having trouble telling the difference, maybe you should stick to DMB, or some other easy listening radio band.

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Shainhouse seemed to be interested in trading for it. If that falls through, keep me in mind. I'll send ya the blanks b&p style (I'm burner-less).

For the record, I've only heard two of those bands people are talking about: The New Deal (hell YES!) and The Disco Biscuits (hell NO!!). But I'd love to check some of it out.

(To my ears, the New Deal are just a kick-ass rock band. I try to see them as often as I can. Look for a gig at the Kee To Bala to be announced for August! [Cool] )

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Hey Puddles, I'll take'em if you still have them?

I don't have much to trade that will do any good to your collection (by the sounds of it you probably already have all the dead and phish and shit that i have).

Beer is always easy no?

I hear 2-3 should be enough [Wink]


just kidding man.

email me at treyter@hotmail.com if you haven't toasted the discs, and we can work something out.

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