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Ok, so I have been bitching to myself about the PLQ setlists. Yes, yes, I know, I am the FIRST to say "A setlist doesnt really tell the story AT ALL!"

Yet, I have been somewhat unimpressed by the sets Phil has been pulling off versus the past few tours (I know, I am now jaded).

Thus far, only 1 set, and I think its cause they are doing that ABB tour part of it.

This setlist is absolutely wicked...........

One Set:

Cosmic Charlie> Jam >

Help On The Way>


I Know You Rider>

The Real Thing

Strawberry Fields>

Here Comes Sunshine>

Playin' in the Band>


Franklin's Tower

E: Mason's Children


Go TO!

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Wow, last night at the Vibes looks REALLY good too. BUT SHEET FUG MOTHA_FUG-SHEET#%@!$@

No Darkstar in TO by the looks of things:

Set 1: Jam>

Crazy Fingers>

Jam w/ Mtn. Jam> Midnight Train>

I Know You Rider

Welcome to the


New Potato Caboose>

Just a Little Light

Set 2:

Night of a Thousand Stars>

St. Stephen>

Darkstar V1> Jam

Again and Again> Jam> Darkstar V2> Jam>

The Eleven> Spacey Jam>

The Other One> Jam>


E: Keep on Rockin'

in the Free World>


Sally to me:

Thats what you get for saying they are having a shitty tour..........

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Here we go folks!

(Thank God they opened with this tune, I am not a fan of it, its the only one I dont care for)

Set 1


Uncle Johns Band (CRAP! I could have gone for this too)

Well, we got lost in here somewhere and it is setbreak.............

I hope I remember to pay attention to Set 2

Ok, I am totally done listening to this. I am going to jinx it. They are doing Terrapin right now.


(If you havent heard the PLQ do Terrapin, and you know the song, go download one right now. Man..........)

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