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Scent of a goat


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DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. -- A four-month-old goat with a curious birthmark has fans of the late racing star Dale Earnhardt flocking to a north Florida farm to pay homage.

The brown Nubian goat, named Lil' Dale, was born with a distinctive white three - Earnhardt's number - on her right side.

SOURCE: Daytona Beach News-Journal

"It's weird," said her owner, Jerry Pierson. "I've seen people take pictures and get tears in their eyes."

Some racing fans who came to see the young goat in Interlachen, about 50 miles south of Jacksonville, said the image is that of a classic ghost.

"One woman said 'Man, she gives me chills,'" Pierson said.

Pierson said Lil' Dale was born with the number and the marking was not painted, shaved, or otherwise manufactured.

Although she was born on a meat and dairy farm, Pierson Lil' Dale likely has a career in advertising.

"How couldn't she be something to NASCAR or auto racing?" Pierson asked. "All you have to do is put an oilcan in front of her and it'll sell."

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