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nerolog, Stardate 063002


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nero @ ComeTogether Festival, Fronteir Town, Durham, Ontario

Spent an Ottawa day getting our shit together for the upcoming Canada Day show and preparing for a weekend of camping. We were all very excited about our first festival weekend thing with our bus. We decided to blow off the free John Scofield show in Toronto in favour of getting to Frontier Town early enough to party it up. Left Saturday afternoon for the seven hour drive with Jay at the wheel. As we pulled into a rest stop for food the brakes stopped working again, though we had just dumped $700 into getting them fixed. Oh well, we drove all the way from New Brunswick with them that way, we might as well just get there. About five minutes into the ride Jay screamed and said he saw/heard something fall out of the engine. And then the power steering is gone. And remember, there's no brakes. So, here we are struggling to pull over on the side of the 401, the busiest highway in the country on the busiest day (Saturday of Canada Day weekend) of the year. Hooray for Jay, who got us stopped with nary a death between us, and, without looking under the hood, we left Shane with the bus and the three of us set off to look for whatever had fallen off. Which was pretty dumb. We walked and walked, a cop stopped and gave us shit, and also made Shane pull the bus ahead, which made it farther from us. Of course we never found anything, because there was nothing to find. By the time we got back to the bus Shane had discovered that one of the belts had shredded and caused all the other belts to come off. And wouldn't you know it, the phone is out of power.

Eventually a cop called a tow truck and we got towed to Gananoque. The guys there were really good guys, but they didn't have the right belts. Canadian Tire would open at 10am. We decided to take the chance that we could get the belts (we needed all four replaced) in the morning and we buckled down to a night of hard drinking in the bus in the parking lot of the garage. We ended up at a dance bar, loaded to the gills, and as soon as we got a beer Dave hit the dancefloor with the funniest hour-long dancer-dude parody I've ever seen. Got him a lot of attention too. Specifically the bouncer who forced Dave to confine his use of the dancefloor during the last tune of the evening, a Nickelback rock ballad that had Dave rocking around the entire dancefloor weaving his rockin' way through dozens of slow-dancing couples. What a freakin' riot, and for only $2 cover.

I woke up early and waited outside Can Tire. Did you know there's a lineup to get into those places in the morning?!? Nope; they have one of the belts, Can Tire Kingston has two of them, but we can't get all four belts. Frantic time begins...well, as frantic as you can get sitting in the cab of a tow truck. Dave and I and the bus got towed to the Ford dealership in Ottawa and we loaded all the necessary gear into his SUV and my Honda, and we raced back to Gananoque to get the other guys. On our way to Durham I drove my car faster than I ever had before, and we got there about twenty minutes before nero had to go on, and the promoter was pissed. C'mon now, a lesser band woulda just said screw it and not shown up. Anyway, we set ‘er all up, and nero rocked the fucking place down. Dave was a bit sausage-fingered, but Jay and Shane were so on he sounded as great as usual. After the set we were starving because we didn't have time to stop for food all day, and the place was out of food. The cook guy was good enough to take all of his leftovers and put them on his last four hot dog buns, so we wolfed a hamburger/bacon/lettuce sandwich each. Then the party began. I had such a great time that I was even more pissed at not getting there the previous night and doing it up right. See, we had to leave at 8am to make it back to Ottawa by 3pm for soundcheck for the Canada Day afternoon BBQ party, and I had to book it to bed by 4am or so, asking everyone to wake me up at 7am. Shane woke me at seven, and when I finally crawled out of the tent at eight, he was fast asleep in the passenger seat of my car. I got Dave and Jay up, which was really fun, and funny too, packed the tents and we hit the road. Shane wasn't even aware that we were moving for a few hours, and I was very envious of his snoring. Hopefully next time it'll work out a little better on the sleep vs party ratio, but whatever, this ain't about sleep or comfort, it's about presenting as much quality music as possible and having the greatest time possible while you're at it..

Quote of the Day: "Maybe you guys should try to clean up a little before you come into the bar."

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