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nerolog, Stardate 062702


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nero @ the Scherzo, Kingston, Ontario

A day off at home was spent super-cleaning the bus in preparation for our upcoming border cross, catching up on business stuff, and (for me) seeing Herbie Hancock at the NAC. It's so much easier doing business stuff when your not on the road.. The bus, she looks shiny and empty, and after a visit to our local Ford dealership we had acquired a shiny new vacuum pump. Off to K-town we go. On the ride we were passed by Bouche, Hood and Sloth, giving us the finger and fishtailling at 120kmh. Got there and searched for a place to eat in the pouring rain. Oh gawd, not Subway again. I'm beginning to feel like Jared, except I'm not losing any weight (I like mayonnaise). The show started to a really small crowd, maybe a dozen or so. That said, the boys played great. At one point the band was deciding what song to p[lay next and the lone guy standing on the dancefloor (who nobody knew) yelled out, "play Oregano Mice, it's my favourite! Today, anyways." Nothing is more encouraging than finding complete strangers who know the music.

Our Ottawa friends got utterly smashed, and we headed back home after the show. I got really tired on this drive, and just between you and me, I almost fell asleep at the wheel about a half dozen times. We made it though, and got to bed just as Hood and Sloth were scheduled to awaken and drive back to Ottawa. Better them than us.

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