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Need Info On Burlington, VT.


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We're thinking of making the trek to Burlington, VT., this Friday to catch Nero, and have a couple of questions:

1. What's the best route from Ottawa? We'll probably be leaving mid-morning, aiming to arrive mid-afternoon. An easy-to-follow route would be best, especially one that avoids going into major cities like Montreal (around/near them is OK, but we don't want to have to go through them). I've heard there's a route through the Adirondacks which is incredibly scenic, but also incredibly long; we'd also like to avoid thing that like

2. What's a good place to stay in Burlington? The show's at the Valencia (at 191 Pearl St.; here's a map). If we could a not-bad hotel/motel within walking distance of the club, that'd be great so we can just park the car and wander everywhere, without having to worry about cabs and/or buses. I've heard there are some good B&Bs in Burlington, but I'd guess they're a bit of the city centre? Are any close to the club?

Any info would be appreciated.



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As I've been to Burlington a few times, I can say this looks pretty easy, and avoids downtown Montreal and the Décarie boulevard:

- 417 East/40 East once in Québec

- 13 South to the end (it's a sharp left turn)

- 20 East, not for very long

- Follow signs for 15 South/10 East/Pont Champlain Bridge

- Follow the 10 East (or South) until exit 22

- Take Highway 35 South; in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, it becomes Route 133.

- Route 133 zigzags a little, you may have to make turns, but follow the indications

- Route 133 becomes I-89 past the border, and it takes you straight down to Burlington.

So in short: 417/40E - 13S - 20E - 10E(S) - 35S/133-I89. Five highways. They can be followed on any decent road map.

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Thanks, Brad. Yeah, my car is small, and I tend to travel large. At least the thing starts now, thanks to a new igniter. (Remind me to stay away from NEC products ...) I should have bought a new car last year, but my expenses are a little unpredictable, what with me supporting a lawyer and all.

Thanks for the route, DF (and for walking my passport paperwork around--I owe ya). The other route I'm considering is the 417 to the 138, through Cornwall, meander to the 11, then head down the 2 to I-89.

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Originally posted by Ms.Huxtable:

Hey BradM, why don't you get ahold of Bouche via e-mail about a place to stay. I betcha he can help you outskis!

Thanks, Ms. H; I already e-talked to bouche (and real-talked to him) and got the info. The place you guys are staying (camping at Dave's, right?) is, according to bouche, about a 20-minute cab ride from downtown, which is a bit far for us; we were looking for a place that's walking distance to the club.

So we've got a room at the Radisson on Battery St. It's a bit steep, but a lot of the other places (especially the B&Bs) downtown were booked up.

Bottom line: we're going! Roooaaaaddd Triiipppp!!! See y'all there.


BRAD (Booking Radisson Accommodations; Delighted)

P.S. When you guys get into town, give the hotel a call (802-658-6500), and we'll see about hooking up for dinner and/or pre-show festivities. We're booked under my name (Brad McFarlane).

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