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Thoughts on Phil in TO


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Oh wow... what a day....

I'm still trying to reflect on what I experienced on Tuesday.... I'm finding it hard to get my head around it all. Possibly as a result of the chemical cocktail I ingested, but more because of the sheer volume of magical moments both on stage and off. Seems everytime I think about it, I remember some other glorious detail of a day that will live on in my brain for ever.

The music was stellar, but for me, what made Tuesday so special was the people I shared it with. Although the attendance at the Amphitheatre left a lot to be desired, it worked out perfect for all of us. With friends scattered over many section, the light attendance allowed us to stub everyone into the same section and party down together, the good vibes and love served to enhance the music much more than any pill.

MOE... rocked! That dude who wrote the Globe and Mail article must have had his head firmly planted up his ass to have wrote..."MOE. seemed to lack a sound that was truly its own" Gimme a break... were you even there, putz. When Warren Haynes came out to jam with MOE it was IMO the best jam of the day.

My first Phil experience was a great one. Yeah, I talked a lot of trash about Phil... "wuss rock" etc..... It was really just to mess with all you deadheads, and now... I am a believer! If I had my way, I would have made Darrien last night and then the one after that, and the one after that.. etc...

All to soon the show ended....Thank god for nero, because I had many hours of buzz left to kill, I couldn't think of a better way to end the night. I have been to 100's of nero shows, and I can say, without a doubt in my mind, that Tuesday night was the BEST nero show EVER!!!! Bar none! I have never heard nero play like that before! They played from the moment I waked into the club (11pm ish) until close... no breaks... I barely even recognized some of the songs... strange new territory was explored and everyone got off hard!! Especially nero... have you ever seen a sober permagrin like Lauzon had on? Have you ever heard Jay slap the skins like that? Has Shane quit bouncing yet?

Thanks to so many for so much.. specifically, Jaybone for the ride and Sloth for being Sloth....

As I drove home, I couldn't help but feel a little depressed. A one day dose of tour life was enough to make me remember what a glorious existence I had just 2 years ago when touring was my life. Something about that environment and lifestyle fills my soul like nothing else on the planet. It had been a long time since I felt that, and it may be a long time before I can again... bittersweet as always

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Glad you enjoyed yerself. Phil was a blast. I was so happy to see them all smilin up there as usual.

I found myself watching jimmy herring more than anyone, again. He is in-freaking-credible! He knows EXACTLY when to emphasis and answer Warren, and when he gets going WATCH OUT!

Help-Slip-Franklin's was one hell of a jam.

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Phil was a lot of fun but a bit slow i thought. That is very very fine though. Shakedown to open was fun, as well as the Box of Rain.


That was the first time i have seen them live and man all i can say to you Ottawa Peeps is "WOW ARE YOU LUCKY!!"

I never stopped rockin out the whole time. Aside from about 10 minutes where i had to collect myself from exhaustion, i was bustin it out.

secondtube and Pablo, it was cool to meet you guys, GOOD SHOW.

didn't get to meet as many skanks as i had hoped but i will soon enough.

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I'll keep it as simple as possible (HA! Yeah, right).......

TO was fun but I got a little too messed and DoubleB is stating just about everything I would have. I will say this. That was BY FAR, the best I have ever seen Nero and the most I have ever enjoyed them, there was a crazy amount of energy in there. Good stuff.

I wanna go to Moe Down now. They blew me away. I loved the Warren stuff with them and that first tune was fantastic.

We can all thank Treyter for that Help>Slip (HOW KILLER WAS THAT SLIP?) > Franklins, he yelled that request to the boys and it look like they heard it.

On to Darian.

My gosh, my first though upon arriving "Holy crap, is this ever close to TO. Why arent there more of our Tent City with us. It was me Treyter Daveyboy and Crystal"

Got there, and run into DrHux. That was a nice surprise but not as nice a surprise as the show itself.

I kid you not, it FLOORED Toronto. It was like going to Kindergarten and then graduating high school the next day. This was a high class show put on by high class hookers. The sound system, the music and Jimmy Herring, he stole the show and appropriately enough, Phil introduced him last.

Phil's kids were there and between the 2nd set closer and encore, I really dont think I have heard a place erupt more for wanting the band back on. This went on for an EXTREMELY long time, with fireworks to our right and Phil's kids on stage waving their arms in the air (ala Sally's fire dance) enticing us to get louder. Chairs were being banged, people were clapping, everyone was yelling and I lost my voice again..............

I cant put into words how incredible that show was for me. Let me just say, Eyes of the World.

wow, Wuss Rock at its best.

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i got that one for us pholks [Wink] dig.

Toronto was amazing because of all of the bands...talk about an all-around killer day and night of music. I haven't seen that much talent since pigale's in '98 [Eek!]

NERO are the shit. I totally love the idea of going out and hitting a big ass show like phil or moe. or phish or whatever, and hitting a small club in the heart of the city after to see the hometown boys rip it up like robert downey jr...while we all get seriously messy.

Hope you rockstars had as much fun as we all did. [Roll Eyes]

Anyways, thanks to all of you: my favorite people on the planet, for the goodtimes.

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My first experience with Phil as well and the show completely blew what little i had left of my mind... very phun!! loved the factthat we were everywhere within the venue... couldnt walk 50 feet without seein someone else to go chill with... highlights for me had to of course be the SHakedown, Help..slip..tower, as well as Night of a thousand stars and Liberty to go home was just too sweet!

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I totally agree with everything too..it was awesome...TO the bands- the people...it was too fun and right in my backyard!

Unfortunately- although I thought we got the most killer nero yet on saturday here in Guelph- (they are just better everytime) and anticipate their return even now!....I had to drive Peter and our friend, Julie, on moe tour home and get them to bed- work and tour called early the next day and hey- of course you need to keep the wage coming to see the tour and once your on it your not going off till its over. Anyway- I guess I know I'll have lots more chances to see nero but hey guys I feel like I missed out...I hope you at least kept your promise shane...if I had to miss that show you guys better kick it down hard next time for us here is very appreciative Guelph!!!!

You lucky buggers that got to top off that great day of music with that endless nero set...Maybe karl or martin or someone taped it?

love a copy guys!

Soulive->moe.->phil and friends->nero!!!!! what a sick day of music on our side of the border- how rare is that. Great to see everyone- all those people I never get to see enough of.


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Although I didn't make it in time to catch much SoulLive, what I heard was awsome. I barely recognized them with that new sax player. WOW!!! [Eek!]

Moe! Moe! Moe! I admit to maybe being more excited about seeing Moe than anything else that day and they met all my expectations. High energy, mega-bouncy rythyms and fantastic vocals made me want to go to Moe Down next month. I had only heard shows of these guys and hadn't seen them before. Show Whore and I bounced and bounced, only stopping occasionally to look at one another and grin!!! Every single person on that stage impressed me.

Phil and Friends.....well first of all they opened with Shakedown. They had me at hello! Tight, tight, tightskis! It was obvious to me that years and years of touring and playing makes for super-ninja musicians. Everyone was finely tuned into what everyone else was doing. There were no awkward moments (save for the part when I was horizontal on the floor - I'm okey dokey BTW) and the jams were trippy, with lots of movement and dynamics. It was absolutely fabulous. Help-Slip-Franklin's blew me away!

Frickin' sorry I didn't make it out to see nero. You know how much I wanted to be there. Man..... sorry I missed them and all of you wonderful people. Thanks to all of those whom I scared and who conveyed nothin' but love. You are awsome!


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here's my "yada, yada" (Charlie pos[t]ing as Reba)...

All i really hafta say is "thank you" to a few lads and lassies... namely Ms Hux (you are the best and, as if I needed it, you've given me a great excuse to check out the real nero experience with you present and accounted for!)... the brothers Booche...sally (whose swimming in a shitload of a crockery right about now)...treyter for a few good laughs...my manager...all the guys at Verve records...err..wait a minute...yada, yada.

btw, i was afflicted with the tarantella and can't fight the crazy jives after that unleashing of nero...yikes indeed...miracle ticket or not, i'll be seeing phil again!

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Have to agree with most of everything that's been said. Nero was unfuckingbelievable, I've independently verified that point with less tweaked individuals. A whole lot of energy, to the rafters and bouncing back down. Moe with Warren for Recreational Chemistry seemed fitting if not mind sleighing. Shakedown > China Cat was sweet, Box of Rain nice but a bit typical, new material palatable but not jaw dropping. Dupree's solid, Mason's Children was a bit of a bustout. Al Schnier with the boys on Help Slip Frank made for a nice closer, lovely energy, hard to pick out the three guitars. But come on Liberty bites as a closer. Give us the Acadian Driftwood, the chilling Brokedown Palace, give us anything but pranksterish machismo americanismo.

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But come on Liberty bites as a closer. Give us the Acadian Driftwood, the chilling Brokedown Palace, give us anything but pranksterish machismo americanismo.

Liberty is a GREAT closer.

Thus, never trust a Prankster.................

(I actually had Acadian Driftwood as my 'sleeper' pick)

I wish I had 'ballooned" it with you at Darian, Kung. That was an unbelievable show! Although, I cant see why Box Of Rain was stated as "a typical" version of that song. The harmonies were SMOKING.

Why drown out the beauty of it?

I agree with most of how you felt with the 'new' songs, aside from Patchwork Quilt. If ANY of you were at that show, get the tapes and LISTEN to how beautiful that song is.


(I am still on 'show-time'. I may never sleep again.)

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The Phil show in T.O. was awesome (although I am incredibly jealous of the Darien Lake setlist).

Brought my old moe. backstage passes from last November to the event (b/c I figured security would not have a clue). Got second row with them and also got to hang with "Al from moe." who was freaking over having to learn the chords to play later on with Phil.

Comfort Zone show was a blast. Wow - Nero was amazing. I've seen them many times now, I guess, but that night blew me away. Come back to Toronto soon. Maybe we'll hear some Gn'R teases next time. Late night party was awesome... next thing you know late night became early afternoon the next day....

Anyone else see Femi Kuti last night at the Harborfront Centre in T.O.? It was unreal... he's in Montreal this weekend. Definitely check him out if you get a chance. He puts on the most incredible show. The show this past winter at the Pheonix, in my opinion, was a bit better though. The Harborfront centre duMaurier statge is killer for atmosphere... beautiful summer night, right smack on the water... but the acoustics if you are standing either extreme left or right from the stage leave something to be desired. The Pheonix show contained the sound, the sweat, the steam a little more than the venue last night did.

Phenomenal dancers though... Femi Kuti has these three dancers/backup singers who just give 'er for the entire show. Lots of impromptu dancers from the crowd jumping up on stage... too funny. Moral of the story - see Femi Kuti and his band if you can. They never stop smiling and moving through the entire performance and neither will you.

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The opinions expressed by the following people DO represent the views of Scottieking and his hat.

The shows: Fun (Nero boys, I lost my shit)

The people: Even better. So good to see all of you.

Guess I'm gonna have to truckin up to Ott-a-wa before this summer is done cause I don't think I can go months without ya! Thanks for another highlight on Mr. King's vacation. [big Grin]

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yeah that's disturbing news that big Al was having to learn the chords to the songs I requested??? hmmmm.....

what the....i guess it was dumb luck booche?...sunuva bitch...aaaaaahhhh fuck that. nonsense. nevermind that. i yelled the help! from 6th row--they played the song 2 minutes later....Al from moe. can bite my ass. as if the guy doesn't already know the chords...who's kidding who?

help was because of me i know it inside my heart

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Nothing compared to Darien!!!! Anyone at "Sleepy Hollow" Ive never done more liquid in my life!!!! I swear I saw3 Carmen and the Deil walking side by side!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I taped it 30 rows back....awesome levels,awesome sound must convert today....HARRY KRISHNA HOOD baby......


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So after nearly of week of recovery, I am finally able to conitribute a few thoughts on last Tuesday's festivities.

Let me start off by saying that last Tuesday in TO I had one of my top ten rock out nights ever!

Schwa and I pulled into the parking lot at the Molson Amp shortly after 4:00, affording us time only to get primed and make it in for Phil. Would have liked to see Soulive as I've never. Saw moe. two nights prior though in Detroit so it wasn't too big of a deal missing them. Had to make sure I was properly geared for Phil. The instant we saw "Roboxy" the robot, it was clear the freaks were out! Good meeting secondtube and MarcO before the show.

Inside the venue, on the hill, it was surely a party atmosphere. It seemed hundreds of familiar faces were all around. Hugs and smiles left and right.

The first set found me a little disoriented. Not at all off but just not in the exact place that I like to be for Phil. Still, the Shakedown was a treat. The beer was extra tasty!

The second set was a different story. Super GD classics performed in dead-on plq fashion! All leading up to the explosive climax which is h>s>f. I surely thought my arms would fly from their sockets as I anticipated Franklin's at the end of that wicked Slipknot!. Fuckin eh. This is what it's all about!

The Liberty encore was nice. It really didn't matter what they played at this point. I was so stoked. I knew the night had just begun...

It was Nice to meet GM for the first time. Also nice to run into show-whore, snelly, canned beats, Dr. Huxty ("Mr. Sleeveless Rockstar"), Stapes, ..., Oh, can't forget Sarah-Belle [smile] .

... and onto the Cozo. I have seen Nero twice. At the CTMF last year and at the Jomamma/ Nero set blender in KW back in Feb. I knew I wouldn't be disappointed. I walked into the packed room and straight onto the dance floor. Not sure if I even grabbed a beer first. (A first for me.) What a fucking show! Don't know how long it went on for, but I do know I left that bar a sweaty mess. Right on Nero! The best show I've seen by you and most definitely one of most engertic shows I've seen overall...

Great running into Harpua again. Also great to look over to my left whilst dancing away to see fancy-dancer Mark Tonin sporting a super rad new hair cut! hehe. Great times. Did anyone see that little freak in the plastic police helmet dancing on the platform in front of the stage?! I couldn't, in a week, use the amount of energy he exerted in those short few hours!

... and onto phase three: the after party. A rather quiet party. Burt Reynold's old "Blonde Beauty" (as the tabloids put it) lives upstairs from where the party was. After the MMW show a few weeks back, she came down in all her dragoness glory and clearly expressed her dismay with the happenings below her. Didn't need to see that again [Eek!] It was a fine decompression session though that saw us into the not so wee hours of the morning. Nice that Pablo Sanchez and Velvet came by for some fun! [Confused]

..... so yeah, Phil in fine bomb-dropping form; Nero in ultimate rockstar furry; a motley crew of demented dancing cardboard robots, lead by the one and only "Roboxy!"... I would love to do it all over again!

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