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Darian Lake setlist - What a SHOW!


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Set 1: Jam>

Alabama Getaway> Jam>

Tennessee Jed>

Rock 'n' Roll Blues> Jam>

Sunshine of Your Love>

Mountain Jam>

Doin' That Rag

Lay of the Sunflower> Jam>

*Casey Jones

*Mickey on cow bell

Set 2:


The Real Thing> Jam>

Brown Eyed Women>

Eyes of the World>

King Solomon's Marbles>

Stronger Than Dirt> Jam>

Midnight Hour>

Smokestack Lightning>

Midnight Hour

E: Ramble On Rose>

Into The Mystic

This was NUTS! I so wished everyone that was in TO was at this show with us, especially The Sloth. You would have LOVED this one buddy......

Mickey on cowbell, had to be seen to be believed. So, he is onstage, talking to Molo as they are playing (drummer guy). Anyways, we make a couple of jokes like "Mickey is pleading with Molo to get on his kit......blah blah blah"

Obviously, this was a set up (NEVER trust a prankster). Mickey gets to the middle of the stage and orchestrates/leads the band through the final section of Casey Jones. You know, the "driving that train" part.......This picks up tempo to an incredibly ridiculous pace, SUPER-fast lightning speed, and tight tight tight, with three-part harmonies and Molo kicking up a mad storm, while Jimmy Herring is cutting a rug with a shit-eating grin on his face. Fantastic set closer.

I dont know how I could possibly continue this. EVERYTHING was out of sight. The Eyes>King Solomons>Stronger Than Dirt was knee bending. Record low knee bends at that.

Speaking of which, I gotta play King Solomons > Stronger Than Dirt for you Nero kids. I keep telling myself that and I always forget. Sloth, if you have a SBD of the PLQ doing it, we need to do a little work..........

Wait until you hear that Sunshine Of Your Love. Oh ma gah.

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Booche, I remember during the 11-16-01 Burlington show we were all at that GMonkey said he really liked that instrumental (ie Kings Solomons Marbles) so it wouldnt be that hard to get them to sit down and give a listen to a King Solomons->Stronger Than Dirt.

I think its far more likely that they'd just tease it and fuck with our heads (ala Shakedown though they did eventually play that). At the very least we can annoy them with endless requests [big Grin]

Im happly/jealous Darien rocked you guys out. I knew after the TO show that the Darien setlist was gonna be the fucking bomb. It was just a matter of wether they were gonna nail it or not and it sure sounds like they did. Wish I could've been there but at least I completely lost my shit all day and all night long in TO.

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don't tell me that.

i was telling my friend (who toronto was his first phil show) about phil bombs. he couldn't quite grasp how phil can shake the ampitheatre with one note.

yet we didn't get a single philbomb in toronto.

glad he unleashed them in buffalo.

i'm not worried. I"M GOING TO ALPINE!!!

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Umm, did you miss Bomb>Shakedown to open the TO show?

I should also add this, I dont care for the sound inside the Molson Amp. I have seen 4 shows there now, and the sound is dramatically better in the 3-400's and on the lawn. Going to Darian and just hearing them tune up, we knew we were going to be blessed with GREAT sound, which is extremely typical of the PLQ. I wandered a bit, to get an idea of the sound throughout both venues, and clearer, Darian won, hands down.

So, there were a few bombs offered by Phil. They just got lost on their way home. Help On The Way has a few lasr-guided bombs to start that one off.

If I came off as a hard-ass at first to you, I apologize, I no longer have a butt, so everytime I sit, its a little hard. My ass wont be back for a couple of weeks, its been blown pretty hard since Monday.

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I was in the 200s in TO and I could barely hear Jimmy's guitar. Warren came off as muddy too. The sound was better ( at least in the 200s ) during moe. However I enjoyed the show. The sound was excellent a week earlier for the Down From The Mountain concert at the Molson Amphitheatre - although it was a mainly acoustic show.

Was it just me, or does Phil look younger than Jimmy Herring?

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Yeah, the sound for Moe was far better. All in all though, it was a good show, you cant get a bad one from the PLQ.

I cant agree about the Jimmy factor and I dont know if it was just you, but we had seventh rows in Darian and he looked as young as Sneaky Pete does.

The weird thing about Darian was the lack of people. Utterly shocking. Half-full most likely, but after the crowds I saw last summer, I was sure that I would see close to sell-outs at the worst. I guess there was more on the market for people this summer.

Alrighty then, lets get it on. I am outa here, off to see the Babylon set-blending madness tonight. I will try and throw up a report tonight after it. I plan on getting fugged up tonight though. We shall see what the Dr prescribes.

(Funny thing though 2nd Tube, I am listening to the Reckoning (that acoustic Dead album, get it~get~it~get it everyone) on my new speakers and I am getting MUCH bigger bombs from Must Have Been The Roses than we did in TO. I hope I can procure some tasty boards from that show, just to see [Wink] )

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Ok, NOW, I am going to the bar.

True enough Jaimoe, I was with you that night. CoZone, Jazz Is Dead, I bummed a Marlie light. He was a super-nice guy from what I vaguely remember and knew EVERYTHING about bands on the circuit. That impressed the shit out of me............

Funny thing, I am pretty sure I brought up Phil that night, back when he was sick and it didnt look like we were going to be seeing him anytime soon. Sadly, Jimmy's comments are lost in memory.

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I remember the themes of my conversation with Jimmy. I did ask him what he thought of the Fat Cats - they were playing while we were talking. Jimmy said they sounded pretty good. Remember when I passed on a " Hello " to Jimmy from Derek Trucks, who we saw a week earlier in Kingston. That was cool. And then I had a chance to tell Derek a week later that I passed that " Hello " on to Jimmy. A wild and music crazy week to be sure.

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