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Can-Am Jam Annual Vibe Gathering?


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Can-Am Jam Annual Vibe Gathering

August 10-11, 2002

Zooz , Niagara Falls, ON

Anyone have any info on this?? All I have so far is that The Zen Tricksters (yup) and Caution Jam are playing it on the 11th. And the venue looks most interesting to say the least! I think its an animal farm kinda thing (?).

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Here's what I have on this so far:

Saturday, August 10th

12pm Tin Cup Saloon

1:30 TBA

3:00 nero

6:00 Fat Cats

Sunday August 11th

12pm Blackbery Blossums (acoustic Dead)

1:30 Caution Jam

4:20 Zen Tricksters

There will be ultra phriendly camping across the road at Goodforest and the gig is at a zoo. There is an all-grass amphitheatre that holds 8,000 and this might just turn out to be an amazing time. Hope to see y'all there, and spread the word.

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