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Girdwood Forest Fair


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Hello there folks, greetings from Alaska!!! I just had to tell you about an amazing music festival I went to last weekend.

It was held in a small ski resort town called Girdwood (about an hour south of Anchorage). It was amazingly beautiful as we were surrounded by the biggest mountains i've ever seen and entering the fair we walked through an old growth forest chalked up with little hippie vendors selling everything from pottery to hemp thongs to dog painting (like face painting for pooches (i couldn't do it to Indie) to espresso (alaskans LOVE their espresso). It was family affair during the day which was fine with me as i got to watch the kidlets participate in hulla hoop contests all day.

Okay now the music, any of you heard of the Alcan Gypsies (bluegrass explosion!!!), Nervix Rex, Three Legged Mule, Loose Gravel and the Photons????? These jam bands were very very impressive and each had their own groovy sound. The Photons were my fav as they got the funk on and rocked the forest out for hours. Anyways, i think i was a little niave before i came to alaska in thinking that the music would be more Stompin' Tom or some cheesy twangy country style. Silly Jyll. Alaskans defiently enjoy their live music. Tonight I'm headed out to see Jewel's father yoodle all night long. Should make for an interesting evening....

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