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The Sloth rules!!!!

Northern Wish

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Hey Sloth,

Got the cds..... Thanks sooo much. I am killing myself listening to KW do that Antelope>Runaway Jim> Antelope right now. After talking with Jeremy Brennan last night, you are the only one who has kept his end of the hockey pool bargain. Kudos.

The KDTU was great loving music last night....

And nero, well they're nero.

If anyone wants B+Ps of the following:

Keller Williams 5.12.01

KDTU 4.26.02

MMW w/ Trey 12.01.00

nero 6.8.02

You are welcome to contact me..........



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Hey Im glad you got the cd's.

Sorry about making you wait on the GD10-31-85 but you seem to like the Keller/KDTU so all is well. That Keller show kills me, his "Looks Like Rain" is hilarious. My buddies taped that KDTU show (they got to check out the whole jazz festival) and I think it sounds great.

Shame on you other Skancters for not coughing up the hockey pool payment [big Grin][big Grin][big Grin]

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