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July 18th and 19th


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this just in....

Thursday July 18th

opening the show will be ....


fat nero set will follow

Friday July 19th

opening the show will be....

Chris Colepaugh

fat nero set will follow.

no song repeats over two nights...

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Damm straight I'm not a member of nero.

Do you think I'd waste my time riding around in that stink box crossing Canada?

Hell no, right now I'm cruising the south pacific on Marla Maples Yacht.

I met her at the G-8. Let's just say she likes my ice sculpting skills.

later suckers...

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Just wanted to firm this up...

After playing encores for nero from coast to coast, the newly formed Tummies will be performing for the first time in their home town of Ottawa on Thursday. The Tummies are:

velvet - guitar

Todd Snelgrove - vocals

CC - MC/between song commentary

Mung - nerves/rhythm

Be sure to catch the Tummies as they will probably only be performing once or twice in Ottawa for the rest of all time.

Please come, and don't fuckin' laugh at me.


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Right on!! Love the DEKCUF! + its not the BOOBIELON...Insane "papafer somniferum" to me be ingested:) No more "First Tubes"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats an ankle breaker. You guys see "The song remains the same last night"? on Bravo? Had not seen it since high school...love that BONZO feature-drumsolo-racecar-MOBY PENIS. Ill bring an extra set of Phil-Darien Dats for someone to spread.

BYTOWNERS!!!... On Canotek rd. in Beacon Hill there is a PC store called "Deals Direct" where the owner sold me a spindle of a 100 Mitsui CD-R for $35.00 + tax!! Call em and say you were quoted on that price and that my "friend" bought a couple this week. Needless to say I have 300 CDRs now...wanna trade??...http://db.etree.org/puddles.

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