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Low tech fishie needs high tech help


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To respond with a quote of the original message, hit the "Quote" button in the message. This is also useful for seeing the UBB codes (which are like HTML, but use '[' and ']' instead of '<' and '>').

The UBB codes come in pairs: one in front, one behind, with the code surrounded by '[' and ']':

b gives bold text

i gives italics

URL gives you a link to a URL, like Yahoo!



This is a fake quotation

give you a quotation

IMG includes an image, and should point to a GIF or JPEG file at some URL

You put the code (b, i, URL, whatever) inside '[' and ']', then the stuff you want (text, URL, whatever), then the same code preceded by '/' inside '[' and ']'.

All this and more are described at the UBB Code Help Page.

Hope this helps,


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